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Thread: Good Laptop for DJing/Producing

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    Good Laptop for DJing/Producing

    Im currently looking to purchase a laptop. Im trying to stay away from any apple products if possible. i know that may be hard when looking for something to support a lot of the stuff i want to do but basically im looking for something that can handle Traktor Pro, FL Studio, Reason 5, Ableton etc...... with out any hiccups in the system. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

    I found a article on Dj Tech Tools website would anyone agree with these specs?

    1.) Buy a laptop with a powerful graphics engine and audio card. Most new laptops are equipped with graphics and audio that can comfortably handle DJing demands, but it is worth checking. You should be looking at a minimum of 256MB of dedicated graphics memory on the graphics card and a high-def audio card 2.0.

    2.)Buy a machine with enough memory and a fast processor. Ideally, your processor speed should be 2.0 GHz or above, and you should be looking at 4GB of RAM.
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    agree with article. i'd say spend between 700-1000 usd if u want no hiccups. eg.

    TOSHIBA SATALLITE PRO C660 good specs.

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