Thursday, November 3rd, it's Party Time!

The Coach visits the Marquee for the first time and just in time for a banging release on Oryx Music [UK] next weekend. Come join us for a banging, funky filtered freaky time!

There is a RSVP / guest list for this event. In accordance to venue policy, ladies will receive free admission, while gentlemen will receive reduced admission. The guest list closes at 2am.

This one’s important: dress code: FASHIONABLE AND TRENDY. Jeans are OK. NO SNEAKERS! For gentlemen: collared shirts are a MUST. NO FITTED CAPS.

The Coach agreed to sacrifice wearing his trademark hats and combat boots for this event, so he doesn’t want to hear any complaints!

There are two ways to RSVP: Either though Facebook
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or submitting an email at Coach Roebuck Official Website. If you happen to have the Coach’s phone number, text messages will also be accepted. Please specify in detail your name, where you learned of this event, and how you obtained the phone number… lol

For more information on the Coach:

Coach Roebuck Official Website
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Coach Roebuck (@coachroebuck) on Twitter
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289 10th Ave
New York, NY 10001

For more details, contact Jaison at (212) 779-2222 or at

Doors open @ 10pm
+21 to enter with proper ID
Dress code will be enforced.