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*#1 in Staff Picks in Beatport for week 45*
*Support from Suzy Solar: Siiiiick release! Can't wait to play Midoria at my Halloween gig!*
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*Support from Louk: **** me, Midoria is awesome!!!*

One of most interesting Echelon artists, Ellez Marinni continues delivering uncompromisingly original works in his rhapsodic trance style. His new Midoria EP consist of three tracks, all hybrid trance tracks of tech, progressive, and melodic styles. Although the groove is essentially clubby in all the tracks, the thematic structures and development vary greatly.

The name track "Midoria" is a visionary work of both thematic depth and rich structural experimentalism combined with a compact rhythmical drive. "Try" has a more minimal and raw sound and is a sort of techy interlude between the other tracks. "Elizabeth's Thoughts" completes the package with a more melodic emphasis - a solid bass drives a long-line thematic development, affected by the subtly used female vocals.


Check the preview of the full single on YouTube:
Ellez Marinni - Midoria EP - YouTube

Get your copy at Beatport:
Midoria EP [Echelon] :: Beatport


Track list:
1. Midoria (Original Mix)
2. Try (Original Mix)
3. Elizabeth's Thoughts (Original Mix)
Catalogue: ER102
Release date: 01-11-2011