Hey Everyone!

I know AHFM is mostly a trance station, but my last Konvection volume proved very popular so I thought I'd share something different with you all again.
A little bit of techno never hurt anyone and besides, there is hint of dark trance in there...

Konvection 015

With hints of soul, tribal and space opera melodies, Konvection 015 is a powerhouse of progressive techno that's a slow burner to start but soon captivates the listener with its dark, brooding tones.

BPM: c128
Bitrate: 160 kbps
Genre: Progressive Techno
Runtime: 104:07
Format: MP3


gregor tresher - echelon (patrick siech remix)
magda & suade - fixation
lee burridge & matthew dekay - out of order
jeremy olander - rypamont
eelke kleijn - papillon
simon virgilii - sphinx (emix & d lewis remix)
jorge montia - montainizzer
alex delia & nihil young - peace (tomy declerque remix)
alex delia & nihil young - vaccum (alexander madness remix)
schubert - 7 miles (phunk investigation remix)
re-zone - dark side slave
lizzie curious & re-zone - freak the speakers (phunk investigation remix)
danny tenaglia - bottom heavy (phunk investigation in the dark remix)
eelke kleijn - doordrammer
dave seaman & andy chatterly - battery powered (monaque remix)
through the shadow glass - gregor tresher (function remix)
tom lewis - shivers