In first days of November 2009 our label was born. Two years have been passed by and we are ready to celebrate Spring Tube's 2nd anniversary with the massive 3-part compilation each of which are presented in both unmixed and mixed formats.

Compilation includes the label's best tracks which have been released during Spring Tube's year 2 and also plenty of our favorite tracks from friendly to us labels, among them are such imprints as microCastle, Nocturnal Global, Moonbeam Digital, Myth, The Sound Of Everything, Solid Fabric Recordings, Movement Recordings, Silk Digital, Digital Sensation UK, SubLogic(al), FlipCube, Electricano Recordings, Forza Records, Majestic Family, Portrait Digital and Ergonomic Music.

Compilation features on such artists as Matt Darey, Moonbeam, Andy Duguid, Michael Cassette, Kenneth Thomas, Stephen J. Kroos, Satoshi Fumi, Mike Mikhjian, Paul Keeley, Claes Rosen, V-Sag, Max Demand, Lank, Cid Inc., Medway, Luke Porter, Sebastian Davidson, Kassey Voorn, Sezer Uysal, Ad Brown, Paronator, Faskil, James Warren, Derek Howell, Arthur Deep, Peter Martin, Kasey Taylor, Christos Fourkis, Evgeny Bardyuzha, Shingo Nakamura, Dynamic Illusion, Blackfeel Wite, Aeron Aether, Soliquid, Kobana, Luiz B, Schodt, Monojoke, His Boy Elroy, 4Mal, Electricano, Lessov, Blood Groove & Kikis, Evren Furtuna, Domestic Technology and many others.

Continuous DJ mixes are presented by Spring Tube's founders East Sunrise (part 1) and Slang (part 2), also this time we have invited one of our respectable artists - Kenneth Thomas (part 3) who was mixed offered by us stuff adding to it some tracks from his own label Myth.

Compilation available now @ Beatport and all other known stores.

Enjoy the product of our label's year 2 results and expect more from us in the future…

Thanks to all for your continued support!

Sincerely yours,
Spring Tube's team.