Hey guys,

It's a new month again and therefore we bring you the latest in trance and progressive in our monthly mix.
This monthly mix aims more for the uplifting trance sound of The Enlightment and contains new tracks by Heatbeat, Ronny K and a stunning new track by Raneem, called 'Free Fall'.

Also this month's podcast contains new remixes of Thomass Datt, Adam Nickey and Daniel Kandi.

Have fun and see you next month!

1. Heatbeat - Roses Never Cry (Original Mix)
2. Blue Tente feat Stine Grove - Heading Home 2011 (Matt Bukovski Proglift Remix)
3. James Poulton - Anodyne (Original Mix)
4. Myk Bee and Tech Trek - Always Blue (Original Mix)
5. Faruk Sabanci - Maiden's Tower 2011 (Thomas Datt Remix)
6. Amir Afargan feat Nicole Mckenna - Shape The Invisible (A Force Remix)
7. Amir Farhoodi - Blue Way (Adam Nickey Remix)
8. André Visior - Moonraker (Daniel Kandi Bangin Mix)
9. Raneem - Free Fall (Original Mix)
10. Matias Holmberg - Planet Earth (Nish Remix)
11. Ronny K - Unstoppable (Original Mix)
12. Kaimo K - Tartu (Original Mix)

You can download this podcast, an many others, here
The Enlightment

Cheers and see you next month,

The Enlightment