1. Original Mix
Tigran Oganezov - Oscillomania (Original Mix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

2. Akira Kayosa's Big Room Mix
Tigran Oganezov - Oscillomania (Akira Kayosa's Big Room Mix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

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Tigran Oganezov makes his Fraction debut with the highly impressive 'Oscillomania', an absolutely blistering tech-grooved sledge-hammer for the masses!

The Original Mix is a real no-nonsense floor throbber combining white hot production technique and stunning detail against the grit and drive required for the big rooms. Fusing all the perfect elements for crowd satisfaction, Tigran blends his trademark sound beautifully with roaring synth melodies and cone shaking drum rhythms bedded against furious bass lines and precisely crafted arps to really deliver a larger than life debut!

Akira Kayosa takes to the remix faders, twisting up a real barn storming rework. Carefully adding his own unique touch while keeping the essence of the original, Akira shows why he is a fast rising star in todays scene. Key to this mix is the huge breakdown, with soaring melodies and blown out rhythms building the vibe to saturation point before unleashing in a blaze of tech fueled glory - huge!

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