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On Silk Digital's latest release, "The Night After", the dynamic Finnish duo Orion & J.Shore treat us to another visionary cut from their forthcoming artist album, "Brotherhood" (which officially arrives to Beatport on Dec. 16). However, before we arrive at their inspiring Original Mix (the last track in the pack), we are treated to several uptempo interpretations by two of the most currently celebrated acts in progressive: Michael Cassette and Shingo Nakamura.

Not unlike the original artists of this release, Michael Cassette is a now internationally recognized Finnish duo, whose dramatic rise over the past few years culminated recently with the release of their artist album "Temporarity" [Anjunadeep]. Their remix of "The Night After" is a fair representation of the unique sonic niche that they have carved within the progressive genre. More specifically, after an extended "teaser" intro, the song energetically launches into a vintage 80's bassline, the aggressive, yet polished character of which has truly become the main signature of the exceedingly talented duo. Soon thereafter, a lead synth chord progression emerges, as arps dance above. In the main break, the poignant string plucks of the Original Mix slowly creep into the track, and then are suddenly reversed, as the rhythm picks up again. Also included in the pack is an alternate "Club Edit", which shortens the main break, as to prevent any risk of club-goers losing interest / momentum on the dancefloor.

Silk fans will be delighted to discover that Shingo Nakamura, fresh off the launch of his own triumphant artist album ("Sapporo", which remained in the top 5 Beatport releases for several weeks following its debut), is back with an unsurprisingly sophisticated and melodic rendering. The track starts out with a soothing house rhythm and the slow crescendo of an array of glorious arpeggios. As we approach the main break, a deep bass begins to gather energy and the arps become more aggressively resonant and layered. In the break itself, we are treated to a solo of the Spanish guitar from the Original, followed by the beautiful coalescence of this instrument with piano and strings. In the latter half of the tune, delicate piano lines (a Nakamura signature) joins the deep bass progression and celestial arpeggios.

Finally, the Original Mix of the tune is presented; like the rest of the tracks on the forthcoming "Brotherhood" album, the composition falls squarely in the "cinematic soundtrack" niche. To be more clear on this point, the song's use of age-old instruments, including violins and even a lead harp melody, immediately evokes a "fairy-tale" world — music that would not be out of place accompanying the current (and widely popular) "Game of Thrones" series. It is worth affirming, though, that Orion & J.Shore's original, which is built upon a haunting string motif, is a unique, intricate, and truly breathtaking composition, not just an homage to the soundtrack pieces that are often mindlessly inserted into fantasy / adventure films. We cordially invite you to delve deep into this one for an escapist and deeply moving aural experience.

Cat#: SILK047
Release date: November 15th, 2011
Genre: progressive house, downtempo
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport; Junodownload, Itunes (two months later)

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Orion & J.Shore - The Night After (Michael Cassette Remix)
02 Orion & J.Shore - The Night After (Michael Cassette Club Edit)
03 Orion & J.Shore - The Night After (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
04 Orion & J.Shore - The Night After (Original Mix)


Menno De Jong (Intuition)
Nice pack!

Ruben De Ronde (Statement!)
Class A release, wicked job~!

Andy Moor (AVA)
wicked stuff

Flash Brothers (Agnosia)
Michael Cassette remix will support

Jaytech (Anjunadeep)
Great pack all round, MC mixes probably the pick for me

Luke Porter (Sudbeat, microCastle, Temporum, Mango Alley)
great release

dPen (Hope, STM)
Very nice and emotional original track!

Burufunk (Burufunk Music Productions, Shiznit, Journees Music)
Very nice. Love Michael Cassette's remix!

Faskil (Morphosis, Jetlag Digital, Polytechnic, microCastle, FeralCode)
MC Club Edit is smooooth. My pick.

Shawn Mitiska (Armada)
Great release guys, all three mixes are fantastic...really enjoying the Original Mix!!!

Vadim Soloviev
Michael Cassette! Thanks

Sezer Uysal (Armada, Ministry Of Sound)
Lovely package. Nakamura and Cassette mixes are really nice ! will support, thanks

The original is very beautiful. MC's remix is on top

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