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Silk Textures looks forward to embarking you on outer-wordly journey through space with its latest release, "Cosmonaut", produced by Italian born phenom Stefan Anion. Now a resident of Dallas, Texas, Stefan has made a name for himself through his widely popular "Blue Industries" radio show on Proton Radio, as well as through a variety of visionary productions on Proton's many affiliates. Silk will also be featuring a groundbreaking "Rewoven" mix by him later this year, in which Anion has "re-intrepreted" several of Silk releases and threaded them back together into one seamless mix.

The Original Mix represents the more "proggy" variety of deep house occasionally featured on Textures. Jetting out of the gate with an upbeat rhythm, the song centers on a rolling, subby bassline, while myriad atmospheric wooshes and sonic "flashes" light up the soundscape. As the song chugs along, a funky lead begins to emerge, suggesting an almost "alien" presence ahead.

The first of two remixes in the package is by Stefan Weise, who is, in fact, the more pensive alter-ego of Anion (and the name that Anion will be using going forward for all of his production work). The beat hear is much lighter and more soothing, as if the daring "cosmonaut" has now finished his intergalactic flight and has just touched ground on an unknown planet. A chilled sub and evocative sweeps fill out the first half of this interpretation, as a more "distant" lead evolves. In the main break, a more subdued, less resonant version of the main lead and arp from the Original reappear; finally, the protagonist of this epic voyage has reached his destination.

Rounding out the package, American star Kerry Leva serves up a delicious alternative to Anion/Weise's takes. Perhaps best known for her and poignant lyrics and awe-inspiring vocals on such big rooms anthems as "As the Rain Falls" and "Memorial", Leva is also an exceedingly talented producer and engineer in her own right, as evidenced by this take. An almost "minimal-tech" groove sets the track off an upbeat tone, as the celestial soundscape is evoked once again by a variety of distant pads and side-chained sweeps. As the track progresses, the beat gets chunkier and we sense that the epic lead from the Original is not far off in the horizon. Sure enough, Leva delivers it in the main break, and it succeeds in carrying the track through the drop and outro of the tune.

Cat#: SILKTX021
Release date: November 22nd, 2011
Genre: progressive house
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport; Junodownload, Itunes (two months later)

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Stefan Anion - Cosmonaut (Original Mix)
02 Stefan Anion - Cosmonaut (Stefan Weise Remix)
03 Stefan Anion - Cosmonaut (Kerry Leva Remix)


Flash Brothers (Agnosia)
Original we like, good one!

Matt Darey (Nocturnal Radio)

Jaytech (Anjunadeep)
Original, cheers

dPen (Hope, STM)
Really nice EP, Stefans remix is the one for me here!

Johan Nilsson (DI Radio)
Great stuff here. ORiginal and Kerry stands out for me. Will support in our Prog Channel

East Cafe
Cool release, all three versions are worth playing, but I prefer the remixes this time. Thank you very much!

Sezer Uysal (Armada, Ministry Of Sound)
Weise remix is for me, thanks

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives, Armada, microCastle, Baroque)
Great sounds in all 3 versions, but Original is my favorite here.

Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep)
Original is AWESOME! Weises remix is really nice and deep! Grabbing those 2! Thank you!!

Mr. Jones/The Disclosure Project (Ibiza Sonica, Night Drive Music, Elevation)
Original has an interesting sound, not sure if I will use it but I like it. Thanks for sending my way.

Vadim Soloviev
Original is nice, will also try Stefan Weise remix, thanks

The original is the best for me! thx!

Slang (Spring Tube, Digital Sensation UK)
Weise's remix is the one for me here, will play it, thanks for the promo.

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