Blue Twinkle Fate / Valkyrie EP [Capite Music]


Beatport Exclusive: 09.12.2011
Official Release: 23.12.2011


1. Fate (Original Mix)
2. Valkyrie (Original Mix)


Blue Twinkle is our resident, and we proudly present his another EP on Capite Music. This time more to modern uplifting and progressive genres.
First track on the EP is called Fate. More smooth, more soft but still with ambition to break the dancefloor. The lively melody kicks in with a big dose of power, what actually changes the whole climate of the track. If you have the Fate for trance in clubs this one is for you!
Blue Twinkle Fate (Original Mix)

Second track called Valkyrie is a combination of gritty basslines and groovy percussion loops. The beauty of it reveals in the breakdown when the anthemic melody comes in. Feels as a good club-warmer for colder nights!
Blue Twinkle Valkyrie (Original Mix)