Dirty Cat - Inside
Releasedate: 26.11.2011
Genres: Electro/Techno/House
For fans of: Ellen Allien, Groove Armada, Tomcraft

01 Cold (5:42)
02 Acqua (5:46)
03 Pulse (6:16)
04 Tube (5:46)
05 Storyteller (5:15)
06 Visions (5:42)
07 Snowflake (5:30)
08 Morning (5.03)

About the release (Deutsch):
Nach seiner letzten EP, der „Autumn EP“, bringt nun Dirty Cat sein nächstes Album „Inside“ raus, indem er knarzende Techno-Beats mit brummenden Bässen und trancigen House-Melodien mischt. Acht tanzbare Tech-House-Tracks für die Tanzfläche.
Cold, ein treibender Track mit dunklen Bässen, wo vereinzelt grelle, hohe Melodien durchdringen, welche wie Sonnenstrahlen durch die Schneeflocken schimmern. Acqua, ein verspielter Track, wie ein sprudelnder Bergbach. Pulse, pulsierend, treibend, wie der Name schon sagt. Tube und Morning, zwei Gute-Laune-Tracks. Storyteller, ein chilliger, verspielter Track. Zum Schluss Visions und Snowflake, zwei dunkle, treibende House-Tracks mit verträumten Melodien.
Ein vielseitiges, vielversprechendes Album für die dunklen, kalten Winternächte. Ein Muss für jeden Electro-Liebhaber.

About the release (Englisch):
After his last EP, the “Autumn EP“, Dirty Cat releases his next album “Inside“. He mixes creaking techno beats with droning basses and trancy house melodies. Eight danceable tech-house tracks for the dancefloor.
Cold, a driving track with dark basses and some scattered high-pitched, grating melodies shining through, like sunbeams through snowflakes. Acqua, a playful track, like a fizzy mountain stream. Pulse, pulsating, driving as per the name. Tube and Morning, two tracks for raising one’s spirits. Storyteller, a relaxing, playful track. And in the end Visions and Snowflake, two dark, driving house tracks with dreamy melodies.
A versatile, promising album for the dark, cold winter nights. A must for all electro lovers.

About the artist:
Jonas Schmid aka Dirty Cat was born in Switzerland in 1984. He grew up in a very musical family and learned early to play trumpet, piano, guitar and percussion and took singing lessons. Since the end of 2005 he has produced electronic music. At the beginning of September 2006 he moved to Munich for his theatrical education at the Otto Falckenberg School. Stamped by the Electro scene in Munich and Berlin Dirty Cat produces a mixture of rock, house, techno and minimal. In April 2006 his song “Am I Dead” was invited to the finale of the Demotape Clinic in Zurich. Since 2007, he had released on several Labels and produced some remixes. Since 2009, Dirty Cat also produces soundtracks for film and theatre. 2010 he founded his own record label “Dirty Cat Records”. With his song „North“ he reaches a worldwide radio hit.

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Zweiklang (Solardish Records (Germany)) - Nice tech house / electro beats from Switzerland.. Nice release, full support!
Ed Coogan (Derelict House Collective) - First couple of tracks sound ok, will try after full download.
Roger Sanchez (Stealth-records) - Will try, thanks.
Tholli (Thokadee/Impulsa/10Inch Records/SPR/WBR) - NICE. Wow, I love it!
mat-thezone (the-zone) - Nice. Will try, thanks.
Du Sant (Krad Records) - Downloading. Will try, thanks.
Paul Jacobson (Exhilarated Recordings) - Yea loads of playable stuff on here, nice one Dirty Cat. Thanks, will play for sure!
Juanita Ramírez (Sello Amigo Radioshow) - Wow really complete ep!! This saturday we´ll play it on sello!!!!. Nice release, full support!
Benoit (Tsugi) (tsugi) - Will try, thanks.
Brunetto (Freelastica) - Few tracks are really catchy Specially Morning & Cold, like i am now! hehehe. Thanks, will play for sure!
Orde Meikle (Soma Records) - Nice album. Will try, thanks.
Acid Please! Deejays (Adelaide, AU) - Cool sound, dig it!. Nice release, full support!
Manuel Cass (Etichetta Nera,Eklero/WemakeitFunky) - Cool Sound! . Nice release, full support!

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