PBR Recordings is proud to bring you the big room floor burner Exit Stage Def, from label co-head honcho A-Divizion and Phunk from Granite & Phunk.

The duo triumphantly combines their musical production styles in perfect harmony with their latest opus. As winter months hit many in North America and most parts of Europe, this track will help whisk many a disgruntled partier to a sunny dance floor in Ibiza.

The track builds in with a thunderous kick drum, quirky synth stabs and an infectious bassline, which drops and elevates once again via an uber infectious melodic chord progression. Just when you thought the track would cruise, it continues to build and rise yet again. The arrangement clearly indicates that the duo was out for one thing…dance floor euphoria. With the amount of over saturation in today’s EDM world, filtering through numerous releases can be tedious and mind-numbing. So when you stumble upon something that cuts to the chase and rewards you with pure bliss, it’s welcomed.

It’s time to exit Stage Def!

Grab Your Copy Here:
Exit Stage Def [PBR Recordings] :: Beatport