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    DJ Headphones


    Currently I use at home with such a model of headphones: Sennheiser HD202II. Exercise is very good but plans to purchase new ones. I'm thinking of the two models:

    Denon AH-P372: DENON PL | AH-P372

    Denon AH-D310: DENON PL | AH-D310

    and those


    Which would you choose? or what would you instruct me. Let me add that it wants to buy them for home use

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Owner,Production AH

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    Sennheiser HD25. Simply the best.

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    Might be a late response but this is cool to know for many people.

    I have had some models and brands over the years and I actually destroyed a few (breaking for some reason, during nights ).

    I must say to hear all frequencies excellently and still be isolated from nearby monitors or other speakers I strongly recommend SHURE. Also that are models that have special soft borders supporting to have them on for hours. I had a few that caused pain after +3 hours on your ears. They also have a strong metalic (also beautiful curveframe) so these won't break.

    I have a SHURE SRH750DJ now and it feels like you are having powerfull speakers arround with astonishing sound. Very very pleased and s(h)ure to stick to it

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