Hello everyone!! I am Grey Blue,From Argentina,soo this is my first post to share my mixes ._. letīs see how it goes!

DJ Name: Grey Blue (i have a variation of my name,"Khomken" when i do Live Sets with MIDI controller and laptop)

How long you have been a DJ: Started when i was 13 years old (back in 2001)

Style of music played: I love EDM in general, but my favourite genre is Trance,since i was introduced to it by my father who used to listen euro-trance and some italo-disco. And a local radio show called "Vuelo 5763" performed by the first trance DJ in Argentina Alberto Lencina.
Then i felt in love with trance music.
Under my "Grey Blue" moniker i play different genres from weird/rare beat progressive trance/house , to Advance Music (A.k.a. uplifting trance +140bpm with driving bassline and acid synths) , passing by techno and weighted subgenres.
While under "khomken" i play a mixture of techno/deep house/progressive Stuff.

Bio: I am a Young EDM producer and radio DJ,started at 13 y.o.
I did some radio shows in local radio station,as a DJ guest.
Started making music in 2002.
I left DJing for a while,to concentrate in my productions, in february 2011 i won a contest hosted by a label and my first track was released, then i launch my small underground trance label called Tohoku Recordings.
Some of my tracks were also released in compilations,together with artis like Goldenscan,Sensi and James Dymond.

This time i am going to post here a little guest mix i did months ago for a radio show.

1-Reeves - Dreams (Jon O Bir Remix)
2-Inflexion - Pure (Activa Remake)
3-Johnatan Araldi - Rush Winter Sunny
4-Airbase - Escape (Der Mystik Final Chapter Mix) (Grey Blue Edit)
5-Falcon & Gaz Chen - Galactic Plane
6-Cold Blue & Del Mar - 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt Remix)

Download Link:

Hope you enjoy,have a great week!