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Thread: Silk Digital :: Approaching Black - Slip (incl. Soarsweep, Simon Sheppard remixes) [SILK048]

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    Silk Digital :: Approaching Black - Slip (incl. Soarsweep, Simon Sheppard remixes) [SILK048]

    Samples & Purchase:

    One of our most consistent and reliable contributors to parent label Silk Digital over the past few years has been Australian artist Approaching Black, whose uplifting, melodic style never fails to capture the spirit of the imprint. His latest single, "Slip", first appeared on Jacob Henry's CD on the Silk Royal Showcase 01 compilation and was a veritable standout on that release. An upbeat rhythm and repeating lead chord (Mango-inspired) kick the track off on a strong foot. A variety of celestial melodies quickly encircle the lead, and the listener soon "slips" into a blissful soundscape. In the break, we are treated to an absolutely gorgeous lead piano melody, as fluttering arpeggios and even a few distant vocal "cries" add emotional resonance.

    Simon Sheppard, the rising Canadian star, serves up a stunning peak-hour interpretation. Hot off his debut smash with Silk ("Perfect Days"), Sheppard's sophomore effort is another groovy and melodic stormer, centering on a funky, gut-filling bassline. A plethora of atmospheric effects and arp lines fill out the mid-range, all of which are unique to this rendering. In the main break, we are given the first glimpse of the melodic themes of the original, with the great piano lines reappearing to epic effect.

    Last but not least, Soarsweep, one of the winners of our imprint's "Move On" remix contest held earlier this year, has written another very 'intelligent' remix. Escapist at its core, Soarsweep's remix transports the listener to a sensual, after-hours milieu with shades of melancholy dripping from the subtle melodic tones throughout the tune. The main break is achingly beautiful, as this masterful Russian duo re-interprets the lead piano motif as a lover's lament.

    Cat#: SILK048
    Release date: November 29th, 2011
    Genre: progressive house
    Format: digital
    Stores: Beatport; Junodownload, Itunes (two months later)

    Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
    01 Approaching Black - Slip (Original Mix)
    02 Approaching Black - Slip (Simon Sheppard Remix)
    03 Approaching Black - Slip (Soarsweep 'Intelligent' Remix)


    Ruben de Ronde (Statement!)
    Soarsweep for me

    Flash Brothers (Agnosia)
    Original & simon sheppard remix works!

    Luke Porter (Sudbeat, microCastle, Temporum, Mango Alley)
    Soarsweep mix is very good

    Pole Folder (Bedrock, Reworck)
    Simon Sheppard for me. Thank you.

    Shawn Mitiska (Armada)
    Sick pack guys, LOVING the Simon Sheppard Remix...very cool!!!

    Faskil (Morphosis, Jetlag, Polytechnic, microCastle, FeralCode)
    Great remixes. Simon Sheppard for me.

    Matao (Black Hole, Nueva, Macarize, Silk Music)
    Soarsweep mix cool! Thanks!

    Eco (Armada Music)
    Very nice release here! Full support on the original..

    Ben Coda (Unreleased Digital, Baroque, Whartone)
    Simon Sheppard for me!

    Sezer Uysal (Ministry Of Sound)
    Simon and Soarsweep mixes are really nice ! thanks

    Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep)
    Remixes really outdid themselves here! very strong remixes! Will definitely play!

    Kazusa (Mango Alley, Proton Music)
    nice pack! Simon's remix for me.

    Abdomen Burst (Armada, Solaris, Proton Music, Lost Language)
    Simon is sunny and magical - best for grey nature in Russia

    For More Information: >>> Facebook page >>> SoundCloud channel >>> Twitter page >>> YouTube channel

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    I like Soarsweep Remix
    I do not live in the world of sobriety.

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