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Russian artists Grigory Fatyanov and Second Skin (Roman Ponomarenko) have teamed up for the evocative "Inner Vision", a rare breakbeat track on our deeper Textures imprint. The track begins with a variety of melodic "echoes" and a filtered breakbeat, evoking the immediate sensation of a subterranean or perhaps underwater locale. As the track develops, the swirling, heavily-delayed arp lines begin to emerge more clearly and are joined by lush pads. Meanwhile, a heavier, crisper breakbeat cuts through the mix and is joined by a cavernous bass. In the main break, all of the atmospheric, if not erotic, mid-range effects are solo'ed, providing a sensual, after-hours soundscape.

Recent label addition Shane Robinson (Ireland) is quickly proving himself to be one of the great new stars in the genre with a prog-deep style that is both intricate and poignant. His take on "Inner Vision" is another ambitious undertaking: it moves in various stages, beginning with an extended intro, featuring numerous layered arp lines. Finally, at roughly the 2:30 point in the track, the beat kicks in, with a rich sub nestled underneath. As the track journeys onward, the beat picks up steam, and the gorgeous arp lines transport the listener into a deeply relaxed reverie.

Silk Textures veteran Bodytemp, better known as Approaching Black, serves up the second version; his take, centering on a subby bass groove, falls more squarely in the deep house niche. As to be expected, the rhythm picks up as the track rolls closer to the main break. There, we are met by a more traditionally "progressive" break, which is unexpectedly "visionary": a pad-bass progression underpins a lovely new (funky) lead melody, as haunting pads soar above.

Fans of a classical ambient sound will be thrilled by the final version in the package: the "Ambient Dub" mix. In this take, the listener can become completely immersed in the stunning arp lines (and effects), which truly create the definitive sound of this tune.

Cat#: SILKTX022
Release date: December 6th, 2011
Genre: progressive house, breaks, downtempo
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport; Junodownload, Itunes (two months later)

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Grigory Fatyanov & Second Skin - Inner Vision (Original Mix)
02 Grigory Fatyanov & Second Skin - Inner Vision (Shane Robinson Remix)
03 Grigory Fatyanov & Second Skin - Inner Vision (Bodytemp Remix)
04 Grigory Fatyanov & Second Skin - Inner Vision (Ambient Dub)


Solarity (Anjunadeep, Urbantorque)
Shane Robinson Remix

Flash Brothers (Agnosia)
Nice deep stuff

Jaytech (Anjunadeep)
original mix

Dash Berlin (Armada, Aropa)
Top release

Myon & Shane 54
nice ep

dPen (Hope, STM)
Shane Robinson's remix is nice..

Abdomen Burst (Armada, Solaris, Proton Music, Lost Language)
Original have an inrteresting structure (maybe the rhithm section is too mono for me - not enough of Air)... Bodytemp is also good. Thanks

Very nice deep! Full support! Especially Shane Robinson

Dapple Apple (Silk Music, Particles, Apollo, Proton Music)
Great release. Enjoying all mixes

Da Funk (Acryl Music)
original for me. nice!

East Cafe
Both original and Bodytemp mixes are great. Glad to see a progressive breaks release here, with such nice remixes. Thanks!

Micah (Ruhnsong)
Great melodic work on bith these tracks.Thanks for sending us!

Aeron Aether (Solaris, Nocturnal, Silk Music, Proton Music)
Orignal Mix is awesome, full support!

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