1. Disfigured nature
2. Android

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A darker, dubbed out excursion into techno is where are we headed with Mirabilis 027!
Nik Feral comes from Manchester and is a hot name on the techno scene. Gaining support from Fergie and Umek among many others in the last months, we are rod to have him on board!
'Disfigured nature' is a dirty, grimy techno track. Full of dissonant synths to create maximum damage along with the repetitive and strong groove. A low end bass line keeps things compact and adds a little dose of that deeper edge that keeps things more underground!
'Android' goes through the more emotive side with sublime pads and clever drum programming welcome us before dubbed out synth lines take over and we a bit darker feel takes over once again!
The result is a EP that drives you on a joyride through the sound of modern Techno.


Alan Fitzpatrick: Two great tracks.


Orde Meikle (Slam): will road test

Sasha Carassi: Very good! Support!

Subfractal: Android sounds cool! will test!

Barry Jamieson: Cool and moody

Steve Parry (Red zone): Disfigured nature is a great techno gem for a dark room

Eelke Kleijn: Cool & Dark

Dibby Dougherty: Peak time monsters

Gemma Furbank: Wicked E.P. Great use of FX, loving the ride's, 2 great tracks! Nice work Nik ;)

Echo Vacio: More top work from Nik, will try Disfigured Nature out for sure, thanks

Mitch Alexander: Really like the gritty sound on 'DN' and the groove on 'Android' is quite cool as well!

Anderson Noise: Downloading thanks

Darin Epsilon: Android is the stronger of the two, in my opinion.

Pete McCharty: Nice ep

Daniel Mehes: Very cool! Android rocks, great deep and dark sounds, thanks

Rodskeez: Liking android. cheers!

Brendon Collins (Summer): Nice ones. Disfigured Mature is my pick here thanks!

Sonic Union: Two cool minimal bumpy tracks here. great stuff for dark dance floors!

Alexander Madness: Nice and dark!

Hans Tavera: Disfigured nature goes for me!

Matt Weeks: Nice and dark, will support

Martin Skubala: Andoid for me gives me that sound I like

Sergio Matina: Disfigured Nature for me... 7/10!!!

Paul Trelles: Will try with android thanks

Pena: Old school techno!!

Martin Garcia: Support!

Manchini: Feeling techno! Great EP

Soulwerk: Nice techno tracks!! Disfigured nature rocks!

Tony Bove (T-Lectual): Some dark stuff!

Gavyn Mytchel: Will support thanks

Peter McGill: Good production here but not for me. Thanks

Emma: 9 out of 10!

Tim Benjamin: Strong tunes, def will play, thanks!

Calin Marian: Nice one guys, thanks from Tunnel FM