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Thread: Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (incl. Owen Ear, Turismo remixes) [SILKSF035]

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    Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (incl. Owen Ear, Turismo remixes) [SILKSF035]

    Samples & Purchase:

    In anticipation of the launch of their debut artist album on Silk Sofa, the two Finnish brothers Orion & J.Shore treat us here to one of the standout tracks from the album, "Architect's Dream". This version is the "Album Reconstruction"; the original version was released on Solarstone's "Electronic Architecture 2" compilation.

    A mesmerizing intro quickly sets the mood: a soothing female voice, typewriter sounds, and a fading-in piano line that ends up being the song's trademark. A supporting guitar melody emerges underneath, and the addition of gorgeous strings and cello lines result in a wealth of tremendous harmonies, just as the duo is known for.

    The first remix comes from Owen Ear from Ukraine, who previously had success with his first EP on the label. Smooth piano lines introduce the track, soon to be accompanied by intriguing sound effects, a soft breakbeat, and lush guitar riffs. Later, a string line appears, greatly enhancing the soundscape.

    Turismo from Finland is a new addition to Silk Sofa. His remix starts off with a variant of the original piano melody - in higher tempo. Hypnotizing sound effects and various synth stabs create an enjoyable atmosphere. Later, fascinating percussion effects add new texture to the song, while a deep piano line contributes with more energy.

    Cat#: SILKSF035
    Release date: November 28th, 2011
    Genre: chillout, downtempo
    Format: digital
    Stores: Beatport exclusively

    Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
    01 Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Album Reconstruction)
    02 Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Owen Ear Remix)
    03 Orion & J.Shore - Architect's Dream (Turismo Remix)

    Menno de Jong, Mark Pledger, Solarstone, Jaytech, Maor Levi, Flash Brothers, East Café, Ad Brown, Adam Byrd, Aeron Aether, Gai Barone, Mango, Kobana & Mario Hatchet, Vadim Soloviev, Dynamic Illusion, Rose & Paul, Duane Barry, Ricky Inch, Jerry Chiu, Terry Da Libra, and many more...

    More Info About Orion & J.Shore:

    For More Information: >>> Facebook page >>> SoundCloud channel >>> Twitter page >>> YouTube channel

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