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Thread: Im lookin 4 specific sets

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    Im lookin 4 specific sets

    hi there, i used to listen a lot. Now a days i listen to it but it seems the music i loved its gone, now they play more progressive and i cant find myself init. I remember like 5 months ago the music used to be less progresive with calm chilled music, and lot of women vocal ins. If some1 could recommend me some sets with chilled trance and nice vocal ins that would be great, for example ill give you a song that i like very much its "i need to feel loved", thats the type of music i used to listen on i remember there was some spacifc sets at 8PM and the music was way better than its playin now, it was even better than that track i gave for example. So if any1 could recommend me some sets i would appreciate it, thanks

    to be more specific i want to find nice calm chilled sets with vocal ins, similar type of music like the song i mentioned thanks
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