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01 LUCA LOMBARDI nowhere people(david folkebrant)
02 ARMIN VAN BUUREN ft ADAM YOUNG youtopia(micheal woods)
03 RONSKI SPEED ft JESS cant stop(bobina)
04 PAUL OAKENFOLD ft TAMRA sleep(sterbinszky)
05 HARRIS C 13(electro mix)
07 SCHODT ft AIDA FENHEL falling(embliss)
08 HEADSTRONG ft SHELLLY HARLAND helpless(aurosonic euphoric mix)
09 RICHARD BEYNON close to you(starkillers)
10 M.I.K.E no turn back
11 OREN dreamfields
12 COSMIC GATE ft EMME HEWITT be your sound
13 THRILLSEEKERS ft FISHER the last time(store n forward)
14 FARUK SABANCI ft ANTONIA LUCAS no way out(airwave)
15 AMIR AFARGAN ft NICOLE McKENNA shape the invisible
16 SHOGUN space odyssey
17 RANDY BOYER ft SHYBOY welcome to the future
18 BOOM JINX ft JUSTINE SUISSA phoenix from the flame(blizzard)
19 MAKSIM PALMAXS ft IRINA MAKOSH stars for you(spark 7)

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