Triskel-Tech Recordings and Aztech Music December weapons
Where to finish with this year’s array of aural awesomeness? with:

Label: AzTech Music
Style: Techno
Artist: Moldavius
”Essential Moldavius” 'Bonobo' and 'Take a ticket,Take the ride' are two of the standout tracks from Moldavius.
Remixers: Armando Martins,Emir Hazir,Lileeth,Twist3d,Nikkolas Research,Astra Teck, Lox D & Franck Hat
Artist:Nogales Lozano
Nogales delivers a brilliant techno Ep 'Thrum' that gives 100% without ever going into gratuitous overdrive.
Artist M@tke
'The Rite' is a deep mental techno masterpiece, don't miss it!
Artist T.S.H.
Big release from T.S.H.( Thomas Stanislaw Homann). 'Devil Ep' is coming to end this year with a BANG!
Artist Damaged Man
Raffaele Cococcioni aka Damaged Man must be the toughest sensitive guy around.
'I need love' Ep is a melodic minimal techno track,Make sure you check the 3 remixes from Electronic Beach, Beloved and Revolving Bros too.
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Label: Triskel-Tech Recordings
Style: Tech House/House
'Abstrakt' is a gem!Deep and emotive tech house Ep.The talented swedish boy is now on Triskel-Tech!

Delightul sunshine vibes from J.Cornet on this Praia Preta EP
Artist: Keith Novum
Joker Ep:There's nowhere we'd rather be than back to the future right now!

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Thank you all for your support and happy holidays!