Release date: 10th January

inc Steve Brian Remix

Support by: Dj Feel, Aaron Camz, Erick Morillo, Andrea Mazza, Andy B, Dimitris Kolios, Gai Barone, Lele Troniq, Matt Loki, Robert Gitelman, Steave Anderson, Suzy Solar and more.

Nicologik and Zephyr present their new single on Graygoo Records.

With Emerald they come back to Trance sonority, not forgetting their "club experience". Just look at their last releases Kinteka and Arrive to Schiphol Plaza, both very appreciated by EDM scene.

Original Mix is a masterly mix between a proud groove and a old school main synth. It's a succession of pitched sound mixed with trance arpeggios. This formula can be appreciated both by Trance Oriented and by the one who are looking for some stuff to blow in the modern clubs.

Steve Brian takes the force of the Original Mix giving more progressive sonority. A state-of-the-art brakedown brings your heart to purest emotions. A sweet restart is the hat of this masterpiece for the one who are looking for a progressive trance sound.

Emerald is presented in violet by Graygoo Records, the colour already dressed by Love is Drug and Unbreakable.

Here the preview, listen and comment it guys!
Nicologik and Zephyr - Emerald (inc Steve Brian Remix) [Preview/r.d. 10th January] by graygoorecords on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free