1. Traffic (Sonic Union & Bastards of Funk remix)
2. Magic Secrets (Neil Browne remix)

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We have carefully chosen the remixers for one of the biggest releases on Mirabilis this year and our decisions have been right! We proudly bring you the remixes for Donatello's massive 'Traffic EP'!
First up is the epic take on 'Traffic' from Bastards of Funk and Sonic Union. Two names that you must have heard in the last years, unless you live on Mars or don't listen to electronic music at all.
The guys give 'Traffic' one of their supersonic treatments and the result is a slightly deeper edged progressive house remix with lots of warmth and soul. The strong, but clean and powerful groove section combined with a potent electronic bass line make more than a sold base for the airy arpeggios that slowly take over the track. Intense and warm pads section and spacey effects add that extra bit of magic that takes the you on a cosmic journey! This is yet another proof of quality from these guys!
Neil Browne is quickly gaining a strong reputation with releases on Baroque and Endemic among others and this remix of 'Magic secrets' just shows us why!
He strips things back, adding a more techy and dirty groove but still keeping a bit of that melodic edge of the original we all liked so much. A rather heavy, filthy baseline is the one gives the whole track a new dimension. Neil cleverly chops up the main melody and uses it to its maximal potential only after the main break. Definitely one for the peak time moments of your sets!
We all here at Mirabilis are certainly proud that these artists have joined our roster and have delivered this killer package!
Once again we'd like to say a big thanks to all of our artists and most of all to you dear fans for the support so far!
See you in 2012 with more and more exciting projects!


Omid 16B Nourizadeh: great package!

Cid Inc: BOF & SU remix sounds great!

Jesse Voorn: cool for my radioshow

Orde Meikle (Slam): cool trax - playing thanx

Miss Nine: Magic Secrets (NB Rmx) is nice

Thomas Penton: The best thing I've heard from Sonic Union & BF in a while, rocking!

Aldrin: good one from Bastards Of Funk & Sonic Union

Darin Epsilon: Support on both mixes!

Markus Schulz: nice will try thanks

Ben Coda: Both solid remixes - will defo support!

Pena: neil b is my pick here

Plasticlounge: FULL SUPPORT!!!GREAT RMXs

Brian Cheetham (Global Dance Session): Great tracks,Really like the Traffic Remix!

Stuart Millar: nice but was hoping it was going to pump a bit more

Barry Jamieson: Nice mix

Neil Moore: Support.

Kristina Sky: Great remix of Traffic. Journey music. Support!

Martin Skubala: this remixes rock hard , like them both

Gemma Furbank: Another wicked release, 2 top draw remixes! Great work guys!

Mental X: Will play.

Kosmas Epsilon: Neil's remix is sick!! great atmosphere and builds. Thanks!

Paul Van Dyk: Thanks downloading for PvD

Gavyn Mytchel: Will support on radio show

Victor Diniare: Support.

Anderson Noise: downloading thanks

Pete McCartey: Support from me.

Mitch Alexander: BOF&SU mix is really cool, perfect for the club and the atmosphere on Neil's is wicked - good remix pack guys!

Steve Haines: Nice package, great remix from BOF & SU

Tim Andresen: Very well produced but a bit too proggy for me to play out.

Alex & Filip: Both mixes rock for us! Thanx for delivering guys!

Neil Browne: Delighted to be a part of this!

Lucas Ledford: Another great release to add to a great label! Love the originals and love the remixes! Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union has to be my favorite. Love the punchy grooves!

Bogdan Taran: the stuff is well produced, but this is not something that I am playing these days

Daniel Mehes: great quality, solid productions!! but sorry guys, the style is not my cup of tea.

Silinder: Browne's remix is nice, thanks.

Calin Marian (Tunnel FM): Bastards Of Funk & Sonic Union Remix is my pick here. Thanks from Tunnel FM!

Soulwerk: Nice remixes!!!

Sonic Union: Very happy to be part of this!

Hans Tavera: Both tracks are fantastic!

Hernan Serano: donatello one of best producer ever. i like both tracks, but magic secret is the best for me

Todd Burns (RA): magic secrets is cool

Tony Bove (T-Lectual): Good tracks, not exactly my taste tho

Sasha Le Monnier: Neil Browne version is my pick here, nice deep hypnotic sounds, more suited to my sets, thanks!

Aga Heller: Solid tunes.

Weepee: Thanks.Will use them.

Dibby Dougherty: Neils mix has some nice moments, a bit too trancey for what i play though xx

Mark J: will play for sure!

D-Phrag: Support on both mixes!

Andy Newland: nice remix, another cool release

Stefan Bauer: wow the bof & sonic union mix is ace!

Darko De Jan (Armani Dubai Resident): Great ep

Karim Zidan: Traffic is an amazing track and this remix is beyond amazing! Just in time

Paula Humphreys (missspentyouth.co.uk): Love both! can't choose .. supporting

Nik Feral: Magic Secret for me!

Emma: Bastards Of funk And Sonic Union Remix is amazing!

Logiztik Sounds: loved the original of traffic, now is time for this remix

Brendon Collins (Summer): Good stuff!! Proper melodic stuff for the late night moments...

Matt Black: Solid remix by Bastards and Sonic union

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