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Thread: DJ Sneak / Dirty Sneakers - Coming With Da Sounds - Circus Recordings

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    Smile DJ Sneak / Dirty Sneakers - Coming With Da Sounds - Circus Recordings

    Long time friend of Yousef and his Circus Events, DJ SNEAK steps up on Circus Recordings with two classic 'Sneak' offerings.

    "COMING WITH DA SOUNDS" sees Puerto Rico's finest let rip. Clattering techno beats with an authentic trademark vibe power towards a (dare we say) 1991 rave break down. Big Synthy sounds make way for the straight up power house that our man is renowned for.

    On the flip (literally, this is a vinyl release) we hit slow the pace to 120bpm with, "TIME TRAVEL." A track so close to Sneak's heart, he wouldn't let anyone remix it. The groove is relentless and character warm, just like the great man himself.

    On remix duties - Circus and Circus Recordings main man Yousef steps up with a slamming remix of "Coming With Da Sounds," backed by label mate Tom Flynn who takes the cut into a trackier stripped back groove with big drums and lively bass. Another great ep from Circus....

    DJ Sneak presents Dirty Sneakers

    1. Coming With Da Sounds
    2. Time Travel
    3. Coming With Da Sounds (Yousef's Chicago Beat)
    4. Coming With Da Sounds (Tom Flynn Remix)

    Circus Recordings

    12" Vinyl Dirty Sneakers at Juno Records

    Digital Release
    Junodownload Coming With Da Sounds by DJ Sneak presents Dirty Sneakers on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download
    Traxsource DJ Sneak pres. Dirty Sneakers - Coming With da Sounds (Incl. Yousef & Tomy Flynn Mixes) - - Download Underground House and Electronic Music in WAV and MP3 format
    Beatport Coming With Da Sounds [Circus Recordings] :: Beatport
    Trackitdown Coming With da Sounds - Original Mix - DJ Sneak presents Dirty Sneakers - [320kbps MP3/WAV File] at Trackitdown

    [youtube]DJ Sneak presents Dirty Sneakers - Coming With Da Sounds - Circus Recordings - YouTube[/youtube] Label Management / Distribution / Promotion

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    Talking DJ Feedback

    ZDAR - (Cassius) - "Yo! Old school 91 forever! Lovin this!! Thanks Sneak.”

    Kasper - "Time Travel is the big one for me! Killer DJ Sneak!!"

    Robert Dietz - "Original of Coming With Tha Sounds and Tom Flynn’s remix are great for me. Supporting!"

    Cirillo - "Yousef's Chicago Beat is a BOMB!!! J"

    Stacey Pullen - "Tom's mix is my fav on the release. Sneak’s original is of course classic ‘Sneak’. Love it!!"

    Wally Lopez - "The Original of Coming With Tha’ Sounds and its Tom Flynn remix are my favourites on the release. Gonna try them out."

    Ramon Tapia - "Time Travel for me please! Very nice! Going to play it LOUD."

    Reboot - "This is another great ep by Sneak!!! I will support, of course! J”

    Rocky - (X-Press 2) - "Time Travel is definitely the one for me on this release. Will be playing that! Thanx for sending!"

    Ben Sims - "Stomping Sneak beats always welcome in my box! J thx!"

    Soul Clap - "Time Travel is DOOOOPE J get DEEEP Sneeeak!!!"

    Layo - "I think the Time Travel original is the best of the package for me. Lets give it a spin and see…”

    Lauhaus - "Digging Time Travel very much!! Will work well for my floors. Playing! Thanx!"

    Samuel L Session - "A good ep this! Like the originals the most, the remixes sounds less to what I’m into. I’m all about the oldschool when I can. J"

    Deetron - "Coming With Tha’ Sounds sounds like good fun! Will be testing this out asap."

    Marco Carola - "I’m gonna go for the Tom Flynn Remix here I think. It’s a nice track. Thanks and support!"

    Dario Zenker - "Nice stadium house from Sneak. Time travelling!!!!"

    J.Phlip - "Fun stuff here.... takin me back. Looking forward to playing Time Travel and Yousef's remix J"

    Phil Weeks - "Another sick release from DJ Sneak, really like also the Tom Flynn Remix, Yousef Mix is very sick also. Will support and play all the cuts, big up Circus!"

    Gorge - "Tom Flynn’s Remix of Coming With Tha’ Sounds is sounding cool to me. Gonna test it out. Thanks."

    Riva Starr - "SNEAK NEVER FAILS, this must be written on schools' books!"

    Lele Sacchi (Boogie Drama) - "Time Travel sounds great! Coming is a little bit too hard for me, but will definitely support Time Travel."

    Agoria - "YES YES YES. Coming With Tha Sounds takes it for me."

    Tobi Neumann - "Funky release! The original of "Coming With Tha Sound" is my pic. Will play it tonight."

    Sebo K - "Nice release again grom Sneak! Time Travel is my pick here! Support."

    Danny Howells - "Sneak continues on his gold run .. long may he reign!! Coming With Tha Sounds is great!!!"

    Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Time travel is great! support from Ibiza Global Radio."

    Eats Everything - "Not my favourite Sneak EP ever as the man is a legend, but who the hell am I to judge? Really like the Tom Flynn remix and would defo play time travel in an early set."

    Gregor Tresher - "Time Travel sounds ace, melody is so good! Another great Sneak release!"

    Franco Cinelli - "Great Sneak Beats!! Like the Time Travel track J, thanks."

    Martin Eyerer - "Nice Tom Flynn remix on this package! Gonna spin it!"

    Alex Celler - "Fat traxx by Mr. Sneak, in the box! Time Travel my fav."

    Ben Westbeech - "I like Yousefs mix very much! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!"

    Doc Martin - "Both cutz are the Boom Clap Blam. Go Carlos!!!"

    Marc Romboy - "Time Travel is the pick of the EP for me, a groovy dirty monster!"

    Nico Lahs - "This is a really cool ep! Will try Coming With Tha Sounds this weekend!"

    Paul Ritch - "Coming With Tha Sounds is AMAZING!!"

    Coyu - "Lovin all the tunes here. Huge release!!"

    AFFKT - "Yousef's Chicago Beat remix sounds huge! Support."

    Gary Beck - "Good solid raw tunes here, I’m feeling the Time Travel most, thanks!"

    Carlo Lio - "Feeling this... coming with the sounds orig and Yousef are both dope... will def be playing that sneak shuffle."

    Adam Port - "LOVE the original of C.W.T.S. and Yousef remix!!"

    Hector Romero - "Coming with the sounds Original is fire! Damnn that's a workout. Nice one!"

    Edu Imbernon - "Yousef rmx is FIRE! Will definitely be playing that!"

    Okain - "Time Travel is DOPE! Straight is the bag!!"

    Julien Chaptal - "Time Travel is standing out immediately for me! Will play it!"

    Andrew Grant – (dc10) - "Coming With Tha Sounds is jamming!!!!"

    Till von Sein - "Even tho i hate dirty sneakers J Coming With The Sounds is a monster!...thx!"
    Lee Curtiss - "Sneak always coming with some big jams! Playing these!'

    Anja Schneider - "Normally I’m not such a fan of dirty sneakers but these one I LIKE! Yousef’s mix my fav."

    Dan Curtin - "Great EP, nice to hear the 90's sounds, I guess it's time! Gonna try each one in different situations but for sure will be playing supporting these for a while, nice work."

    Wehbba - "Great ep! Feeling both remixes a lot, originals are super cool too."

    Christian Smith - "Nice old Todd Terry samples J I like original the most. The Yousef and Tom Flynn remixes are also very nice! Odd artwork, but thats the beauty with art. We all have different tastes J"

    De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Considering for review."

    Tsugi Magazine France - "Coming With Tha Sounds is a nice one." Label Management / Distribution / Promotion

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