1. Original Mix
Dave Leyrock - Transportation (Original Mix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

2. Vincent Voort Remix
Dave Leyrock - Transportation (Vincent Voort Remix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

3. James Dymond Remix
Dave Leyrock - Transportation (James Dymond Remix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

4. Vol Deeman Remix
Dave Leyrock - Transportation (Vol Deeman Remix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

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Supported By: Armin van Buuren, Andy Moor, Mark Sherry, Mark Eteson, Activa, Matt Darey, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Suzy Solar, Danilo Ercole, Flash Brothers, Paul Webster and more!

Dave Leyrock kicks off his Fraction career in the biggest possible fashion with an absolutely white-hot, tech-trance sledgehammer - 'Transportation'. Overflowing with energy, and oozing instant crowd appeal, the Original Mix is a no-holds-barred fusion of cone ripping kick drums, floor shaking bass lines and scorching melodies tightly rolled into one huge crowd-pleasing peak-time package!

On remix duties, Vincent Voort delivers a superbly crafted reworking with plenty of groove and detail, before James Dymond turns the heat up with a real floor thumping energizer brimming with style and vibe! Finally, Vol Deeman keeps the atmosphere levels firmly set to full with the perfect high-octane, yet classy uplifter to round of this huge release!

Looking for something to warm up this winters floors? We may just have the answer....

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