Artist: Lovetone & Turismo
Title: 80 / Can You Feel Me / How BEATiful Is Love (Original Mixes)
Label: Macarize
Cat #: MRIZE039

Purchase: 80 / Can You Feel Me / How BEATiful Is Love [Macarize] :: Beatport

Macarize is proud to present the label debut of Finnish duo Anton Sonin and Aaron Englund, otherwise known as Lovetone & Turismo.

'80' lives up to its name with style, a perfect piece of 80s-influenced progressive house whose deep chunky bassline, punchy pads and feel-good, funky melodies make it easy to love at first listen.

'Can You Feel Me' finds an effortless groove with its deep bassline, driving drums and hypnotic piano hook that will just make you want to dance! And watch out for those key changes and barely there wistful vocals, which infuse the track with extra emotive intensity.

'How BEATiful Is Love' kicks off with a techy groove, dark and brooding background beat and a haunting synth hook…but the main piano melody adds heart and soul to the hypnotic vocal and pounding rhythm, ensuring the feel-good Lovetone & Turismo vibe stays centre-stage.