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Thread: DJ Manny Freytes Birthday Celabration @ D36

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    Thumbs up DJ Manny Freytes Birthday Celabration @ D36

    On Saturday, Jan 21st I am asking you and your friends to come help me celebrate my 30 something birthday in the Mirf Room @ D36.

    We have the whole room all night long and we plan on getting kind of crazy lol...

    Sharing the decks with me will be DJ \ Producer, DJ Bashar to make the party rock and take you on a ride..

    In the main room celebrating his birthday as well is Richie Santana with his Mind Control partner, Peter Bailey giving you the drums I know you love..

    To be added to the guest list email with the names, Its as easy as that ;-)..

    I really look forward to seeing and having a drink with you.


    About District 36
    A former clothing factory, District 36 title comes from its location in midtown’s garment district on 36th street. Blocks from Herald square and the Empire State building, the 14,000 square foot dance club – built from the sound system out, embodies New York City nightlife. Not overly designed, the venue’s simple lay-out, in combination with one of the best sound and lighting systems in the world, and top-tier talent gives patrons a stripped down nightlife experience without the excess.


    District 36
    29 West 36th Street (between 5th & 6th Ave)
    District 36 – New York City Nightclub
    District 36 - Night Club - New York, NY | Facebook

    Manny Freytes Bio

    Manny Freytes started his DJ career in 1991 playing hip hop. As a resident DJ at historic The Fever nightclub in the Bronx, NY, he worked alongside of some of hip hop’s most respected DJs, such as Kid Capri, Doo Wop, S&S, and Love Bug Starski. Manny introduced house music into his sets whenever he felt he could ‘slip it’ in. Tracks like "Work It To The Bone" and "Break For Love" were staples in his record bag. After The Fever closed, Manny discovered a club called Vinyl and a DJ that would change his relationship to house music forever, Danny Tenaglia. There was an instant connection to the sound, vibe, and love that he saw and felt. Manny had found a new home and every Friday night was by the speaker taking in this new found love. He developed his skills as a house music DJ and became a regular opener and fill-in for Danny Tenaglia at his legendary and award-winning “Be Yourself” parties. After the closing of Vinyl/Arc, Danny Tenaglia continued to ask Manny to open nights for him including the notable: Godskitchen's “Be Yourself” 2004 Halloween party @ Club Exit/Ikon, Made Event's 2005 X-mas and Halloween party's @ Sprit, Vinyl / BE Yourself Reunion @Pacha-NYC, and New Years Eve at New York City's legendary Club Limelight. In 2008, Freytes was asked to spin alongside Tenaglia and Victor Calderone at SpaceIbiza. While in Ibiza, people took notice and Manny was asked to spin a live set on Ibiza Sonica, Ibiza's #1 Dance Radio Station. In addition to these achievements, Manny has shared the booth with the likes of Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Behrouz, Wally Lopez, DJ Vibe, Cevin Fisher, Luca Ricci, Hector Romero, Ivano Bellini, and a host of other global DJs. Manny has spun in numerous lounges, clubs, and loft parties around New York City and beyond, Including a 3 day, 6 gig tour to Eastern Europe which included a live 2 hour set on Hungary's #1 dance radio station. In the 2006 annual issue of DJ Magazine’s 100 Top DJs, Danny Tenaglia was asked who will break through in the coming year. Along with DJs Demi (Deeper Substance, SOS) and Andy B (Ibiza) Danny mentions Manny Freytes. Most recently, he has been using his creativity and talent in the recording studio. With his expansive resume of experience, expect to hear more great things from Manny Freytes in the near future.

    DJ Bashar Bio

    Bashar has Been a music lover since he can remember. Clubbing since the age of 16, Shhhh ( if you don’t tell I won’t). Bashar has been living, feeling, seeing, sleeping, DJing and 10 years later Making House Music. With Bashar’s Residency at TUNNEL (RIP) for 3 years, he was able to listen to many different styles of House music. He has seen the Club Scene change sounds, Clubs shut down, and Unfortunately see Dance music go back underground. As a computer science major, Bashar has been dealing with technology for over 11 years. You figure dance music? Not that far fetched. These days Computers and Music goes hand and hand. Bashar has released music on labels from all around the world such as Stereo, Fatal-Music, Twisted, Hush Recordings, Kult Records, Slanted Black, Hamachi Records, Battlewax Records, HMSP Music, Overskin Recordings. Bashar has also been lucky enough to work with and have gotten support from World Class Dj's such as, Will Monotone, Danny Tenaglia,Tedd Patterson, Jaimy, Kenny D. Lucca Ricci, Chus & Ceballos, Manny Freytes., Adam Freemer, Serge Devant, Austin Leeds, Mario Calegari and many more.


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    MORE GREAT NEWS!!!!! Added to the line up on Jan 21st in the Mirf room at D36 is DJ / Producer and Engineer extraordinaire Konrad Carelli

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    If you don't know about Konrad Carelli check out his bio.... Trust me you don't want to miss this event ....

    On a New Year's Eve in the early 80's, a near adolescent Konrad Carelli was told to "play a few records for the party" while his cousin took a break from the basement DJ booth in Jersey City. "All you have to do is put a record on one of the turntables, listen for the beginning and move this slider"…and he hasn't stopped yet. No one would have guessed this humble beginning would spark a lifelong affair with a mistress named music.
    After a family move from his native New York to San Diego, Carelli started DJing local parties. Spinning everything from hip-hop to new wave to rock-n-soul, he attracted fans reaching the far corners of East County, San Diego. As a pre-med student at San Diego State University, he allied with artistically like minded people that would be responsible for the birth of San Diego's downtown art and music scene during the late 80's and early 90's. Carelli became a permeant fixture of the burgeoning San Diego underground, spinning downtown clubs and raves all over Southern California. Always known for his diverse taste in music, he was soon throwing his own "outlaw" parties around the downtown San Diego area.
    The autumn of 1992 found Carelli visiting friends back Manhattan. It was the heyday of the club scene in the city and once again his mistress beckoned. Weeks later, he abandoned the comfortable confines of the West Coast and returned to New York to pursue his love, continuing to DJ as well as establishing himself as an audio engineer at Eightball Records and Greene Street Studios. It was there he finally made forays into the professional production and remix world.
    As one of New York's 'go-to' studio guys, the bulk of the 90's were spent working for many of dance music's luminaries including Tom Moulton, Danny Tenaglia and Mood II Swing. By the turn of the millennium, his production credits revealed more than than a dozen top 10 Billboard singles, as well as collaborations with Joi Cardwell and The Lady Miss Kier. His extensive remix catalog spans over 15 years and is punctuated with names like Grace Jones, Luther Vandross, Rihanna and Isaac Hayes. As if all of that weren't enough, he has commanded packed dance floors from Portland to Portugal with his eclectic, but always electrifying, DJ sets. Currently, Carelli splits his time as half of the remix/production team Kik-Klap with Danny Sullivan and working with long time collaborator, Anton Bass, producing artists for Sea to Sun Recordings. Outside of the studio you can find him testing software for Digidesign and U-He, converting his extensive collection of vinyl to digital formats or honing his mixing skills in the kitchen producing tasty meals for family and friends.
    As the club community looks for new talent to inject life into the dance music scene, Konrad Carelli - superlative DJ and producer - is definitely one to watch.

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    Its not to late to get your names in.. Email before 4pm Saturday.. Don't miss out on a great party... See ya there ;-)

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