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Thread: On air now box showing incorrect info

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    On air now box showing incorrect info

    Hi , it seems that the On Air now box is showing the wrong info, it is showing Majai Ellicott City 64 , when a binary finary show is on right now.

    right now I am using Internet Explorer 9, tho I normally use Opera 11.6.

    I loaded site in Opera and the listen now box shows the correct info, I remember that I had the same during the first day of EOYC, when it showed that XiJaro was playing even tho we were into the second and 3rd and 4th sets, I am not sure if I was using Internet Explorer 9 at that time, I think I was.

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    It takes little time to update the status... IE sux tho ... i recommend using safari, firefox, chrome..
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    Just to point out I am aware of the technical issue with the Equipación De Futbol mixer during Manuel Le Saux's set and its something that happens .. so there is no other option that cut off the stream.. Im talkin about other stuff, which are pretty much Equipación De Futbol Baratas depending and able to be monitored by the crew.
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