Artist: V I F
Title: Time To Fly Away
Mixes: Original, Radio, Fuzzy Cuzzin and Atlantis Ocean Mixes
Label: Macarize
Cat #: MRIZE040

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Ukrainian producer VIF is back on Macarize with his first original for us, ‘Time To Fly Away’. Flawlessly combining a deep bassline, lush waves of 80s-tinged rippling synth melodies and pine-tinglingly warm pads, he creates a track that is enchantingly melodic and heartbreakingly beautiful but driving at the same time. And watch out for the breakdown, which might just steal your breath and your heart away altogether...

Russian duo Atlantis Ocean meanwhile take the track deep into uplifting trance territory, retaining that original driving bassline but adding layers of soaring synths and twinkling topline melodies to add their own distinctive trance twist.

Hot up and coming US producer Fuzzy Cuzzin adds his unique disco stamp to the track right from the opening bars of piano and trumpet and heavily vocoded vocals, layering straight out of the 80s stabs and just a hint of strings over a funkified foor to the floor bassline and drums.