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Silk Royal is thrilled to introduce a great new talent in progressive for
its milestone 30th release: Swedish artist Johan Vilborg. The title cut of
his three-track EP is "Altara," which sets the tone for the uplifting style
that Vilborg has set out to master. A simple beat early makes plenty of
room for a gorgeous, powerfully layered lead -- one that would make Arty
blush. The lead starts to crescendo, and a new hook is introduced: an
angelic vocal sample that soars above. In the main break, this sample comes
into full focus and also is extended -- a cathartic release for the
listener. The chords also are given an extra shot of adrenaline, resulting
in a massive drop.

The second track on the EP, "Fall," is a much moodier composition. More of
a listening track, Vilborg's signature chords are again present here, but
play a supporting role to a delicate lead arpeggio. This lead emerges
poignantly in the main break as a full melody, with a funky new synth
backing it as well in the latter half of the tune.

Finally, the jubilant spirit of "Altara" re-appears in the closing track,
"Leaving Home." A track is centered on a bouncy and euphoric 1/8 note
melodic cadence, which only builds in intensity as the tune approaches the
break. There, we are met by a stunning melody, lifted higher by gentle
strings. When the main chords reappear in the drop, the listener's response
is one of extreme joy, love, and hope.

Cat#: SILKRL030
Release date: January 10th, 2011
Genre: progressive trance
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport exclusively

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Johan Vilborg - Altara
(Original Mix)

02 Johan Vilborg - Fall
(Original Mix)

03 Johan Vilborg - Leaving
Home (Original Mix)

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