The Rebirth Session Episode 203 (22nd January 2012) – “Infinite Possibilities”

Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine – Last Goodbye (orchestral mix) [Defcon]
Sovt – Aydan [Perceptive Deep]
Eugene Karnak – I Love You (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic remix) [Perceptive Deep]
Liquid Vision – Labyrinth (Liquid Vision presents Olia Alio rework) [Spellbinding]
Solid Stone featuring Hanna Finsen – Helpless [Unearthed]
Juventa – City On Clouds (Exminds remix) [Harmonic Breeze]
Blue Tente featuring Stine Grove – Heading Home 2011 (Matt Bukovski proglift remix) [Diverted]
Cloudriver – Daylight [Ask 4]
Nic Toms – Deja Vu [Defcon]
Ferry Tayle featuring Hannah Ray – Memory Of Me (club mix) [Enhanced]
Ralphie B – Massive (James Dymond rework)
Aerian – Mahe (Scott Lowe & Dan Winter remix) [Aerian]
Hendrik Jelsma & Immersiv – Seems To Be (Peet B remix) [Crystal Source]
New World – Boundless Light (Emotional mix) [Defcon]
Cart – Port Of Sorrow [Defcon]
James Dymond – Journey To Jordan [Defcon]
ID – ID [Defcon]
Ciro Visone & Rita Visone – The Last Breath (Touchstone edit) [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – The Afterlife [Defcon]
Liquid Vision presents LIKWID – Feelings (Alternative mix) [Defcon]
Ashley Smith & Josh Kayn – Far Away (Touchstone remix) [Digitized]
MiracleBlue featuring Minette – Calling (Vlind remix) [Only Trance]
The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia (Andrew Candid rework)
Jamie Walker – Break The Rules (TrancEye remix) [Defcon]
Bryan Kearney & Snatam Kaur vs Solarstone vs Neptune Project – Ong NamAztec In Seven Cities (Bryan Kearney Pach-Up)
Sound Apparel – Conventum (Percussion mix) [Pulsar]
Future Disciple – Explorers [World Of Trance]

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