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The duo Twin Drop proudly present the second act of their trip...After one year of hard work the duo comes out with their dark side, a new sound mix beetween the influence of different artists like Azax Synd, Allien and other Dj's that they played togheter on this past year. Wonderfull bassline powerfull and hard tunes but more melodies to the past ep, perfect for the night Dj set, bpm from 146 to 148..This new ep keep the same message of the oldest, take people and shake up their bodies...

Cat N. PLN073
Date Release: 2011.12.06
Format : wave, mp3
Distribution : Digital Shops
Artist: Twin Drop
Maxi Single: The Next Drop
Country: Italy
Genres: Full On, Psy Trance

Track Name:

1 Mediterraneo Airlines 06:43
2 Legalize 07:52
3 Cheese 07:12
4 Alienation 07:22

Enjoy to listen...!!!

Artist Bio:

In november 2009 beginn Twin Drop a fusion beetwen the dj's Luca Lotti aka Loppa and Burnt Project, a mixing of dinamyc bass a with a lot of fastes atomic vst sounds for push the track always at the top…. Luca Lotti, aka Loppa , was born near Pisa in 1986. He interest for the music began at the age of 10 years , when for the first time , he makes his first cd by his uncle. When he was 16 years he began to record at the radio station all the best dance remix, for mixin later all with his first computer. At the same time he began his first work in disco, like a public relation, at “JAISS” in Empoli, one of the most important techno scene of this time. Here he comes in contact with the best techno and elecctro djs of the time like Gabry Fasano, Ricky Le Roy, Joy Kitikonti, Francesco Zappala, Adam Beyer ecc..Is now that begin his passion for the electro rhythm and all his sounds….After at the age of 18 he went in contact with a trance party or better freedom party, where also organizer for a lot of years….But the changment comes with the age of 20, when he leave in Stuttgart - Germany, for love…He lives 2 years there where he attend also a lot of trance party. Is now that he comes out like a dj in Italy, strong of the experience of Germany…He began also to use program like fruity loop, reason, and after cubase, but over the following days his passion becomes hard work for find the perfect vibes. Electro, Progressive, and Neo full on are his favourite sounds but always with a jumping line bass and a strong kick.The dj set is dinamycs and really jumpyng powerfull, a mix with progressive and psy trance and sometimes also full on , at 144 bpm……The rhythm for him his important and he his really sure that music must make smile, and dance, or better jump…. Burnt Project A.k.A. Carlo was born in 1986 Torre del Greco (NA).One year later he has moved to Pistoia with his family.He has always been keen of music and when he was 8 he began to take drum lessons. Later he began to play guitar and keyboard. When he was 18 he comes to the Matrix club in Novacchio for the Nuit de Sade party because his brother Virus_Aiz played and still play ebm, industrial and trance music. Carlo began to play in consolle on January 2006 at Panda Club in Pistoia to make the opening for the Nuit de Sade nights. He played ebm and future pop music. Soon afterwards, a parallel project called Alienation come of the Nuit de Sade organization, from psytrance to full on and dark music. Burnt is a dj of the Alienation staff,and he started now the Burnt Project a real powerfull neofullon.He Played at: Panda Club (PT) Meta Clubbing (PI) Dress Code (PI) Ippodromo del visarno (FI) Ippodromo delle mulina(FI) Ministry Club in collaboration with Jaiss (FI)Riotorto (LI) 72H 2006 e 2007 (FI) Canapisa 2006 e 2007 (PI) Pelago 2006(FI)Oblivion MOOD CLUB (FI).

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