Kicking off the start of every month with the very best that trance has to offer each and every month. February heralds an extended 2 hour live set of a very progressive, very psychedelic journey.

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BPM: 132 - 140
Runtime: 120:00
Genre: Trance / Progressive / Psychedelic

relaunch - eternal light
moshic - evil inclination part 2
union jack - papillon
crystal verge - invasion (psy progressive mix)
nicholas bennison - sulfur (heavy mix)
duotekk - zlow
the digital blonde - rain song
cosmithex - alchemy
cosmithex - projection
ace ventura - genesis (flegma & nerso remix)
e-clip - existence
skinny - betty cat
polaris - time for 6/8
brainiac - inside your brain
burn in noise - vuuv festival celebration
mind paradise - trip inside yourself
union jack - red herring (ainur remix)
art of trance - octopus
project purity - karnac

Look out for Vorticity 043 coming March 1st