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Thread: Aerotek - Suntann'd EP OUT NOW

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    Aerotek - Suntann'd EP OUT NOW

    Chilean producer Aerotek had his debut on Arrival with his "Dancefloor Behaviour", which was featured on Arrival Sampler #4. Now he's ready to present a 3-track EP, entitled "Suntann'd".

    The title track quickly introduces the main synth riff, including refreshing chord changes, and the groovy bassline is a great addition later. A new synth makes its entrance in the break, where we also hear nice string layers that give extra detail.

    Next up is "A Track To Make You Smile"; a smooth atmosphere is established quite early with both intriguing vocal stutters and lush pad layers in the background. Numerous additional synths emerge to enhance the overall soundscape, while the frisky beat continues to maintain the energy level. After the break the main theme melody breaks through, contributing more than a fair share of "feel-good" moments.

    "Follow The Leaves" starts out with a more laid-back groove, and a mesmerizing arpeggio lead soon appears, accompanied by a fairly deep and smooth bassline and soothing pad layers. As the track progresses, more elements are added to the arpeggio lead, which results in an enjoyable theme melody throughout the song.

    Out now on Beatport Suntann'd [Arrival] :: Beatport

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    I love it!

    Follow The Leaves is my favorite :D
    I do not live in the world of sobriety.

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    Finally something new on Arrival!

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