1Forty+ Search For A Resident Competition!

1Forty+ has quickly established itself as one of the most forward thinking and exciting brands in UK dance music. A co...ncept that is unlike any other event, and a brand that has already showcased some of the most talented and exciting artists in the UK.

With the likes of Vicky Devine [Judgement Sundays], Eddie Bitar [Vandit], Dan Ascherl [J00F Editions], Sly One [Discover], Phil Mackintosh [Goodgreef], Steve Allen [Fraction], Matt Bowdidge [Discover], Phil Taylor [Fraction], Liam Wilson [Goodgreef] and many more playing for the brand, its an extremely exciting place to be right now!

1Forty+ will deliver artists who are true pioneers of the scene. The best forward thinking artists, who will deliver a truly fresh and unique blend of harder edge dance music.

We therefore search for our first resident DJ, who will be playing in the main room at all of our events. No back room sets, you wonít be there to make up the numbers, you will play an important part in the brand.

Not only will one act be given this residency, but you will also be given free studio time in Steve Allenís studio, to further develop you as an artist.

The winner of the competition will not be the one who has the most likes on a page, this will judged in a club environment!

You could be playing here every month - 1Forty + Launch Party @ TMC, Leicester 21/01/2012 - YouTube

Important Information

How to enter: Download the registration form here Index of /1forty [right click save as]

First sets of heats will be held on Sunday 8th April in an open club environment

Entrants will be judged on:

Track selection
Technical/Creative ability
Crowd reaction
Crowd control

Closing date for entry registration is 29th February 2012

Our Next Events
17/02/2012 - 1Forty+ With Sly One [Discover] / Phil Mackintosh [Goodgreef] / Liam Wilson [Goodgreef] / Steve Allen [Fraction]
Event Link - 1Forty+ Free Party With Sly One, Phil Mackintosh + more | Facebook