1. Original mix
2. Daniel Mehes 'Equus Ferus' remix
3. Pete McCarthey remix

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Massive tech grooves from Brendon Collins aka Summer and Tony Bove aka T-Lectual are what Mirabilis 29th release is all about. The pack is rounded off with two superb remixes from Daniel Mehes and Pete Mccarthey!
The original mix of 'Dark horse' is a masterpiece of building, relentless techno groove, fulfilled with tickling percussion that give a hypnotic feel that blows your mind out. All is topped with cosmic soundscapes and blasted with supersonic effects that give the track even more power. A perfect example of what techno is today, this will set the dancefloors on fire!
Daniel Mehes takes the 'Dark horse' into even darker and brooding territories with a stunning remix built around a heavy sub bass and sharp beats. He adds more tension with hell raising effects and some synth action. This is pure techno madness and we are sure this will get hammered in the dark rooms we all like so much!
Last but not least we have Pete Mccarthey delivering a more dubbed out interpretation with a bouncing, percussive groove, simple but yet effective chord line and mind-blowing effects and fills. Definitely one for the cool heads, this will be played by many genere-crossing djs!
If you like techno with some soul in it you definately can't miss this release!


ORDE MEIKLE (SLAM): nice EP- will try out thanx

CHRISTIAN SMITH: nice track, thanks (Original mix)


CID INC: Original and Pete mixes for me, really good stuff!

SASHA CARASSI: Daniel's mix is very dark,will try!

FIORDriginal is great!

ERPHUN: Daniel Mehes rmx sounds pretty cool.


OMID 16B NOURIZADEH: great package!

LOCO & JAM: Liking Daniels remix here! Top stuff

KASSEY VOORNete's is the one for me, thanks

MISS NINE: Daniel Mehes 'Equus ferus' remix & Pete's remix!

MARKUS SCHULZ:cool will try thanks

MAVERICKZ: ALL VERISONS ARE GOOD! My fave is Pete Mc Carthey remix!

ABYSS: original is strip for me!thanx

MARK J: love all mixes, but will use the pete maccarthey remix!

MATT BLACK: Like the deep hypnoticness of the Pete McCarthy remix



DIBBY DOUGHERTY: loving the dark vibes on daniels mix

GEMMA FURBANK: Great package. Enjoyed all 3 mixes. Pete's has a really nice, chilled vibe, great use of FX and percs. Loving the Dark, drive to Daniel's and the original is cool. Well done

PENA: orig and pete maccarthey for me. great ep. thx

ANDERSON NOISE: downloading thanks

MARTIN GARCIA: Like it, support!

BEN CODA: Original sounds wicked!

STEFAN BAUER: Quite techy release! pete mccarthey takes the cake here! nice builder!

LOGIZTIK SOUNDS: nice ep, like original and daniel mehes!

STEVE HAINES: Heavy Daniel Mehes remix! nice

ALEX & FILIP: Wicked original from St. Louis boys, Daniel heavy mix is dope and Pete delivers a good groover!

DARIN EPSILON: Pete McCarthey remix would fit the best for my sets. Great interpretation of Summer & T-Lectual's track.

MITCH ALEXANDER: really like this one a lot guys, all the mixes are very good but Daniel's and Pete's remixes are real serious...bigtime stuff from both!

NEIL BROWNE: Big fan of the Pete Mcarthey Remix, pure class!

GAVYN MYTCHEL: will support the pete mccarthey remix

HARDERFASTER.COM: Pete McCarthey remix is the one for me.

MARCELO VASAMI: orig & both remix are amazing,will support!

PAUL ALEXANDER: Pete Mccarthey remix for me support grovin bassline

SASHA LE MONNIER: cool original but my fav is Pete's remix, thanks, lovely groove!

NIK FERAL: Full steam ahead with my support

PARAVEEN ACHARY: Pete McCarthey's remix is phenomenal. Great rendition from Daniel as well. Top stuff!

ANDY NEWLAND: cool ep, like it

TOM COLLINGBURN (AUTOPHASE): Awesome package, tough to choose between the original & Daniel Mehes mix.

PETER MCGILL: Great release. Nice to hear some quailty Techno

CALIN MARIAN: Original mix rocks, thank you! Support from Tunnel FM!

ANTTI: Pete's remix for me

EMMA: Support on the Original

MENTAL X: deeep - - - - - i like it ;)

D-PHRAG: Pete McCarthey remix works best for me, thanks

KIERAN KROHN (VERVE): Original mix is some mind bending heaviness, sure to destroy dancefloors. Pete's mix does it for me though, slightly smoother and more suited to my sets. Rock on Mirabilis!

SOULWERK: Great work here!! Original & Pete are my picks here, thanks!!

YAMIL COLUCCI: Very nice package, thanks!

SERGIO MATINA: Great job!!!

MANCHINI: Original best for me! Big room sound!

ALEKSIJ: Original is the one I like!

TIM BENJAMIN: great package, thanks. it´s hard to choose a favourite one but i think i prefer Pete´s remix . Fullest support