Release Package Includes:
Always Missing (Boyan & Boyer Remix) Listen
Always Missing (Weirdness Remix) Listen
Always Missing (Adham Ashraf Remix) Listen
Always Missing (Acoustic) Listen

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Randy Boyer is at it again! This time with an angelic track with genuine vocals from singer-songwriter Parker Hu. This track captures an emotional journey of "Should I stay-Should I go" feeling, married with some heartfelt music and mixing it together like peanut butter and jelly.

The 128 bpm Boyan & Boyer remix will tear the dance floor to pieces with their signature electro/tech house sound. This remix works best at peak hours of the night.

Adham Ashraf brings to the table a "Big Room" trance mix, with soaring synths, driving drums, and that full-on 138 bpm trance sound.

Rounding off the mixes we've got EnMass Music's own "Weirdness". This mix is perfect for those commercial 128 bpm style nights, radio, and can be played peak-time as well.

In this package we also included an elegant, simple, bare-bones mix with just Parker and her acoustic guitar. Enjoy it as is, or work your own remix of the track. Whatever you choose, it's alright with us... Enjoy!

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