Hi Guys

A week overdue posting this one to the forums but hopefully better late than never...

A mix of goa themed progressive trance that blends into similar sounding but harder trance. I hope you listen and I hope you enjoy.

Vorticity 043

noizehaze - dense fog
aerospace & sunseek - restoring normality
freq - sunglider
liquid soul - colours
failsafe - trance driver
john merki - second chances
x-noize - no mishaps
indecent noise ft. ridgewalkers - full moon fever
shaun williams - digital communication
o.b. vs. nyx - backfire
tripleone - out of the shadows
ashley smith & josh - far away
bryant baker - combustion
alex boboc - super storm
nr32 - l.m.y. (ian betts remix)
frank dueffel - hybrids (myk bee remix)
juventa - dionysia
grigory prometey - history of fire