1. Original Mix
Deathmind - Freakshow (Original Mix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

2. Estigma Remix
Deathmind - Freakshow (Estigma Remix) [Fraction Records] - YouTube

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Argentinian trance producer Diego Presas, formerly of Thr3shold notoriety, launches his solo Fraction career under his new Deathmind alias with the mighty 'Freakshow' - a no nonsense slice of floor rocking madness for the later hours!

Full throttle basslines and tech percussive rhythms are key to the energy of the Original Mix, while the stabbed chords and agressive top line synths ensure maximum crowd satisfaction. On the breakdown, atmospherics are set to overdrive with melody before dropping into the gritty groove again - monsterous!

Estigma is on hand to deliver the perfect remix to the already franticly paced Original. Acidic distorted synths play against the driving backdrop to really set the tone. Energy levels are once again kept to full pressure on the breakdown with an array of drum sections to lift the atmosphere sky high!

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