Hello, dear friends, fans, music lovers!
In this post we will present our Samplers.
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BEDROOM SAMPLER A : brings you a diversity of artists, music genres and sounds. Includes 22 tracks from producers like : Stedro, Florin H, Madeni, Cartier DJs, DMTS, Lauri, Davey Marc, W10, Solunamanalia, MzR, Lucas Michelini, Momo Project, Miguel Garji , Javi Viana, In[SsS]aNe, Earjax, Jamie Berry , Rosie Harte, Jaded Kid, Massive Vibes, Rockwell

Beatport Link : Bedroom 2011 Sampler A [Bedroomrecords09] :: Beatport

Junodownload Link : VARIOUS: Bedroom 2011 Sampler A at Juno Download

BEDROOM DEEP SUMMER : 39 tunes for you to listen, play, chart, play in your DJ sets, radios, etc. Includes 22 tracks from producers like : Hera Salinas, Lunatics Of Sound, Alexandra Kane, Kapri K, Teo Brothers, Saga Bloom, Cartier DJs, Curl, Chris Venola, Raul Moreno, Thrill Kill, Dayz, Knite, Livin R, Pink Noisy, Nekk, Ian Osborn, Jeremy Reyes, Nicolas Francoual, Florin H, Laera, Fuiano, Lorenzo Lellini , Karlo Chee, Lucas Oggier, Daviddance, Pest CTRL, Tony Romera, E.K.O.D.E.K, Datatraxx, Damolh33, Alessio Gambini, SB-SIX, Deevy, Alexander Fog, Alberto Drago, JP Richardson, Figu Ds, Beebee, Mario Takov, Samantha Savoia, Numa Lesage, Lucas Evans, Mr. Claire, Damolh33, Carlos Pardo, Amparo Balsalobre, Mano.All you have to do now is to PRESS PLAY!

Beatport Link : Bedroom Deep Summer 2011 [Bedroomrecords09] :: Beatport

BEDROOM SAMPLER B : huge BOMB!!Includes 36 tracks from producers like : ArcticFront, Atramades, DJ Berto Mel and Toni Grandolfo Feat. Sonja, DJ Dan A, DMTS, Dylan Debut, Dylan Debut and Diggz, Erdal Kemahli, Florin H, Franco Musachi, Giuliano Rodrigues, Jaded Kid, Jamie Berry, Javier Tejada, Jeremy Batiste, Maxime Johnny, MzR, Occor Onairus DJ, Psykoloco, Roodie, Sam Thomas, Senores Funkees, Soul T Nuts, Vanjanja and Spear, Yuum Boox, all music genres, one album : Bedroom Sampler B. New artists from over the world, new talents, new sounds.

Beatport Link : Bedroom 2011 Sampler B [Bedroomrecords09] :: Beatport

BEDROOM SAMPLER C : Arists from over the world, with different music genres, perfect for your ears and perfect tracks to play in your sets, shows, podcast. 31 is the magic number for this compilation. 31 magic tunes for your anatomical organ that detects sound : Ear. Music from producers like : Augusto and AV2, DJ Dan A, Emiliano Muscillo, Erdal Kemahli, herrB, Jaded Kid, Nanorobotics, Neesmo, Osmium, Russell, Rene Marcelus, Ell-Er, ha2a, The Mixing Chef, DJ Lawrence, Maxime Johnny, Rene Marcellus, Gavril's, Florin H, Momo Project.

Beatport Link : Bedroom 2011 Sampler C [Bedroomrecords09] :: Beatport

BEDROOM SAMPLER D : Includes 16 tracks from music producers like : Rockwell, Unknown Bass, Rene Marcellus, RanchaTek, Jaded Kid, D'stream, Ell-Er, DJ KoT, Djase Dub, Fran Guzman, Pseudo-Dark Photos, Heres Johnny, Peppermint, Erdal Kemahli.

Beatport Link : Bedroom 2011 Sampler D [Bedroomrecords09] :: Beatport

Junodownload Link : Various: Bedroom 2011 Sampler D (original mixes) at Juno Download

Peace, Love, Music!