MIRABILIS 030: V.A. 'Warm textures #2'

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Here we go! Mirabilis 30th release is here and is one hell of release!
Six artists from all over the globe deliver seven stunning tracks!
Nomean serves us up with his 'Monologue' a journey into the darker and twisted groove, evolving soundscapes and menacing synth lines. A perfect mixture between techno and progressive.
Verve brings 'Immerse'. Spacey chords lead the track along with the cleverly programmed groove and a moody bass line fills all up and the result is a journey into the warm and deep end of today's electronic music.
Rich Curtis pleases us with 'Last one from the box'. Restless deep grooves meet up with the growling bass line and blessed out cosmic sounds.A proper epic journey.
Cristor's 'Nimbus' kicks things off with a chugging bass line and a potent groove while new percussive elements are brought in the mix before the main chord riff kicks in and gets the track to a whole new dimension with its hypnotic feel that will grab your mind.
DiSoul pleases us with two tracks here!'Sandbox' is a deep and moody affair with some laid back synth action and warm and gentle pads that give a relaxing feeling over the track. 'Back in memories' keeps the vibe going but with an acidic, old school kind of bass line and with a heavier groove. Two tracks that will warm up every lover of the deeper sounding electronic music.
Peter McGill rounds things off with his 'Unified'. Build around a simple chord riff and a strong groove that keeps building up through the track this just brilliantly ends the second chapter of our Warm Textures series!


HENRY SAIZ: Nomean for me, thanks!

MARC MARZENIT: I like the techno feeling in all tracks!! Difficult to choose only one. Nice EP

EELKE KLEIJN: Rich's track stands out for me

DEMI: Will support!

ORDE MEIKLE (SLAM): cool EP - thanx guys

SEZER UYSAL: Verve is doing great atm, full support

STEVE PARRY: nice selection - nomean is great

GEMMA FURBANK: Awesome release! Monologue is SUPERB! :D True Prog Bomb! Loving the groove with Nimbus. Cool sounds from Last One In The Box. Enjoy Disoul. Great job guys

DARIN EPSILON: Bitchin' tracks by Verve and Peter McGill!

SILINDER: really nice release, thank

PABLO ACENSO: verve and rich curtis tracks are good for me. thanks!

MISS NINE: nice package!

THOMAS PENTON: Immerse is real class.

SASHA STEPANOV for MATT DAREY: Downloaded for Matt Darey. Thank you!

DIBBY DOUGHERTY: some nice big room business here, Cristior track stands out (or maybe im biased) plus Disoul has done 2 corkers here too

SONIC UNION: Some stellar tunes here! 'Monologue' is my #1 pick here but they are all really great and will play most!

PETER GELDERBLOM: downloading Peter McGill's track

MARTIN GARCIA: Verve-Immerse and Nomead-Monologue. Thanks

KASSEY VOORN : Nomean and Rich Curtis are cool

PENA: peter mcgill for me.

ALDRIN: Nice emo ride on Monologue & Immerse

JUAN DEMINICIS: not what i play, but thanks anyway

KOSMAS EPSILON: all tracks sound excellent, but i had to pick one. congrats!!

PETE MCCHARTY: Very Nice good stufss

GAVYN MYTCHEL: Cool releases will support!!

STEFAN BAUER: amazing package once again alex! nomean's track is huge, so is rich curtis'! both disouls are excellent warmup tracks! nice!!!

LONYA: Good selection , not all for me . Rich Curtis my fav here . thanks

RANDALL JONES: Excellent music. All these tracks are good...it's hard to pick one.100% support in my sets worldiwide...

YAMIL COLUCCI: Excellent packcage as always from mirabilis, thanks

SASHA LE MONNIER: Nomean & Rich Curtis really sounding good here

ANDY MOOR: Support on Minilogue's track.

FACUNDO MOHRR: Super compilation here! 'last one in the box' and 'unified' are for me!

PARAVEEN ACHARY: Superb compilation! DIgging 'Monologue', 'Immerse', 'Last One In The Box' & 'Unified'.

MITCH ALEXANDER: these are all quite good! i like the Nomean track a lot, really scary, ominous sounding stuff and Rich's is really cool as usual! great one guys!

SOULWERK: Great comp!! Nice tracks here!!!

MR A (DANCETERIA HELSINKI: Will try Verve, thanks for sending.

IGNAS: Too deep for me guys. Nice stuff, but can only play during warm-up's occasionally.

MATT BLACK: Great collection of tracks here, Petes track just shades it for me

ANDERSON NOISE: downloading thanks

STEVE HAINES: Great track from Peter Mcgill

ALEX VERSEVIS: support for my Mirabilis friends !!!

MARCELO VASAMI: very good package.thanks!

SERGIO MATINA: Peter Mcgill - Unified (Original Mix) for me... 7/10!!!

FERRY CORSTEN: Thanks! If Ferry supports you we'll let you know.

PAUL TRELLES: nice bombs here

TONY BOVE (T-LECTUAL): Diggin Nomean's dark techno

NEIL BROWNE: Great release, Lovin ''Unified'' ''Nimbus'' & ''Sandbox'' although Nomean's ''Monologue'' is simply stunning and going straight into my sets. Brilliant work again guys!

NIK FERAL: Seriously awesome man!!! great all round tacks too

ANDY NEWLAND: massive selection

MATEJA KLARIC (VAL202): Nomean track is a BOMB. Verve and Rich Curtis also really bring the heat. Fantastic release!

ABYSS: I'll play those in my next ggis

KIERAN KROHN aka VERVE: Great package, quite diverse yet all warm enough for the winter months. Monologue is my pick. Thanks Mirabilis!

EMMA: Very Nice Ep Supporting

CALIN MARIAN: Good pack guys again, lovely prog tracks! Thanks a lot from Tunnel FM

MARK J: Gee-sus!! awesome, playing mostly all of these soon for sure!

JOE FISHER: Good pack. Nomean is my choice

D-PHRAG : Nomean & Verve are my choices here, but the rest is also of very high quality! Thanks

SERGIO MATINA: nice real progressive package !

TIM BENJAMIN: some real strong tunes in here! After 1st listening i def will play Nomean and both Disoul tracks, thanks a lot

LOGIZTIK SOUNDS: nice stuff !

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