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Thread: Uplifting Trance

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    Uplifting Trance

    I'm looking for alternatives to Uplifting Moments.
    1 mix a month is not enough for me.

    Can someone give me hints on other DJs producing uplifting trance
    like Dan Reitars Uplifting Moments? It's mainly for when I'm training.


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    U could try my website i have loads of uplifting trance mixers there & u can listent to or download any of them for free . Hope this help m8

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    Manuel Le Saux: Extrema - Every Wednesday at 20:00 CET
    Joe Shadows: Nile Sessions - Every 1st and 3rd Sundays at 14:00 CET
    Veselin Tasev: Digital Trance World - Every Sunday at 22:00 CET
    Lazarus: Back From The Dead - Every 1st Monday at 20:00 CET
    There are many more though, mostly at the evening

    Check the calendar:
    If you want Uplifting Trance, then stay away at Thursdays, that's mostly Coldharbour stuff mixed with progressive EDM.

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