1. Original Mix
2. Function C Remix
3. Hughes & Ballantine Remix

Tom Lavin and AdRohan make their Defcon debut with a follow-up to their widely acclaimed single "Tackleberry" under their new H.A.L.T. alias called "Flyover".

The original mix is a powerful, peak-time trancer with a tough bassline and an infectious lead riff.

Defcon veteran Function C is first up on remix duties, and gives the track a darker, late-night twist in his signature style.

Rounding things off is a remix from Hughes & Ballantine, who deliver a groovy, driving interpretation with swirling acid lines used to devastating effect.

Youtube preview:

Original Mix
Function C Remix
Hughes & Ballantine Remix

Soundcloud preview:

Original Mix)
Function C Remix
Hughes & Ballantine Remix


19/03/2012: Beatport Exclusive
02/04/2012: All Stores