1. Original Mix
Moorea Blur - Madness (Original Mix) [Fraction Zero] - YouTube

2. Alejandro Yanni Remix
Moorea Blur - Madness (Alejandro Yanni Remix) [Fraction Zero] - YouTube

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Trance Dj & production team Moorea Blur smash onto Fraction Zero with their brand new big-room work-out 'Madness'!

As the Original Mix unfolds, cutting percussive rhythms and extra large kick drums fuse together with the throbbing basslines perfectly, providing the ultimate grit and drive for the main rooms. The breakdown section lifts the track sky-high as the absolutely massive main leads develop fully, resulting in out-and-out dancefloor mayhem - a real superweapon!

On the remix, Alejandro Yanni takes to the faders, twisting the track up into another superb crowd pleaser. Rolling bass patterns, rising synth lines and monstrous breakdown atmospheres ensure maximum crowd control! This is big!

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