Artist: Aleksey Yakovlev & Kristoffer Ljungberg
Title: Reverie
Remixers: Hazem Beltagui, K.R.J.
Label: Macarize

Purchase: Reverie [Macarize] :: Beatport

26th March 2012 marks a very special date for Macarize. Not only is it the label's 50th release, but it's also finally time for label owner, manager and A&R Kristoffer Ljungberg to step up and turn his own hand to production, in collaboration with Russian tour de force Aleksey Yakovlev. The result is progressive trance powerhouse 'Reverie'.

The original mix of 'Reverie' more than lives up to its name by instantly transporting you to dream-like state of rhythmic reflection. Packing a serious prog-trance punch with its dynamically driving drums and deep, rich bassline, 'Reverie' effortlessly evokes summer with every sweepingly uplifting synth. Reverberating with heart and soul, the rolling waves of warmly wistful vocals and spine-tingling lead melody give 'Reverie' a powerfully haunting beauty that will linger with you long after the outro fades.

One of Macarize's most consistent contributors, Hazem Beltagui, delivers a deeply delicious rework which resonates the original warmth of 'Reverie' while stripping the track back to reveal a subtly, superbly laid-back remix. Capturing your imagination with playful vocals interwoven with a chunky, blissed-out bassline and a subtle piano hook, Beltagui skilfully imbues 'Reverie' with both drive and emotion.

Fellow Macarize mainstay K.R.J. meanwhile provides a tantalising twist on the original that enchants with its ethereal take on the multiple melodies of 'Reverie'. Quirky staccato stabs and a brilliantly uplifting breakdown segue smoothly into powerful chord progressions and a seriously funky, feel-good energy which are irresistibly euphoric.