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Thread: JaymzPhoenix Live @ The Seminary 28-3-12

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    JaymzPhoenix Live @ The Seminary 28-3-12

    Hi all,

    I have been doing these live streaming sets for a few months now and thought I would share it with the TranceFix community and get some feedback. Try not to ask where The Seminary is, it's just my house where I stream from haha. Below is the tracklist and download link. Let me know if the link expires or doesn't work and I will re-upload it.

    Thanks all

    JaymzPhoenix Live @ The Seminary 28-3-12
    1. KhoMah - Mind Gamer (Original Mix)
    2. Matt Bukovski and Aku Ghazaly - Reflections (Sundriver Remix)
    3. Alexander Popov - When The Sun (Eximinds Reminds Remix)
    4. Myon & Shane 54 ft Aruna - Helpless (Alexander Popov Remix)
    5. Apple One - Rebirth (Oringinal Mix)
    6. Alex MORPH & Protoculture - Waking Up the Stars (Original Mix)
    7. Omnia & Ira - The Fusion (Eximinds Remix)
    8. Parker & Hanson - Afterthough (Heatbeat Remix)
    9. Abstract Vision & electronic Element ft Eva Kade - Miracle (Dallaz Project Remix)
    10. Accadia - Blind Visions (Neptune Project Third Eye Remix)

    Add me on Facebook to see when the next stream is available, just search JaymzPhoenix.

    Download Link: - JaymzPhoenix Live @ The Seminary 28-3-12.mp3

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