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Thread: Cathar - The Union - full release out now!

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    Cathar - The Union - full release out now!

    Cathar - The Union !

    Free-Spirit Records

    Debut Album out now from all good download and music stores

    Cathar: The Union (CD) - Free Spirit Records - Psyshop
    The Union by Cathar on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

    PR Piece written by DMG

    Delve into the discography of Steve Morley and you will discover a man of many talents with an obvious appreciation for Trance and its sub-genres who has, as a sum total of his many aliases, driven devotees to the dance-floor in their droves for decades.

    Cathar is Steveís latest incarnation and it is a collaboration with Jessica B, herself no slacker behind the mixing desk, that allows them both to explore their affection for psy-trance; expressing it as a studio project and live experience.

    The fruits of their labour can now include the full-length feature album The Union, released by Londonís source of psy-sauciness Free-Spirit Records whose own back catalogue is quick becoming the embodiment of delectability via diversity.

    The Union, other than the closing track which maybe the first example of psy-dubstep, is a part homage to Steveís earliest influences of this Trance genus, Goa, fused with other, almost indistinguishable, elements from across the spectrum. Rippling with stripped-back, no-nonsense go-forward. The Unionís few frivolities and balance of clear endeavour with driving intensity permitting Cathar to stand firm in comparisons with their contemporaries and a must for those who believe divinity is a direct derivative of dancing.

    Quote from review of Debut EP written by Regan (Nano Records) in Mushroom Magazine

    "...First time I have come across this act and they definitely seem to be on the right track. Deep atmospheres that make me think of early morning sets rolling over a big festival dancefloor as everyone dives into the beats..."

    For music samples check here:

    cathar's sets on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    To join us on Facebook check here:

    Cathar | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

    cathar world

    Free-Spirit Records

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