MIRABILIS 031: Inkfish & Glanta 'Mother / Father EP' inc. Alex & Filip + Ben Coda remixes is out now!


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Press release:
Mirabilis Records is proud to have on board some Sweedsh's finest this time!It is Inkfish and Glanata who deliver two stunning tracks backed with a remix each in their 'Mother / Father EP'!
'Mother' is very warm tech house track with crispy beats, rolling percussion and some acid that gives the track some extra power. All of those things are perfectly matched to a synth riff that gets in straight into your head and keeps rolling over and over again. Another slice of fine beats from the swedish maestros!
Label bosses Alex & Filip are taking 'Mother' into a slightly darker and more sinister corners. They opt for a stronger and heavier baseline and tufter beats. The main riff is still there but with added tons of effects that make it even more hypnotic and mind-blowing. Definitely one for the techno heads and those who like it a bit ruff!
'Father' has a funkier and slightly progressive edge as the main chord riff and synth lines keep building while the groove keeps getting stronger through the track and various synth and drum fills add some extra crisp and energy. A safe bet in your sets!
Ben Coda's remix of 'Father' is another fine example of his unique fusion of progressive and techno. Ben makes a clever use of the original parts which are used on top of a clean, strong groove. As if this wasn't enough he adds a heavily infectious bass line and some hell raising effects. Madness.
Once again Inkfish, this time with Glanta together prove to be on top of their game. And there is no doubt, they will be there for the long time coming!


DUBFIRE: A&F dub, thanx!

ORDE MEIKLE (SLAM): will spin - cool EP and mixes thanx

MISS NINE : great pack, thanks


GAVYN MYTCHEL: I love all 4 mixes, will support to the max!!!

SONIC UNION: Whole pack is fantastic! Every track is a winner and will be played heavily!

MITCH ALEXANDER: rocking stuff guys, esp the Alex & Filip Mix! top notch package!

GEMMA FURBANK: Great package! Well done lads. Loved Alex & Filip's remix

RANDALL JONESNDALL JONES: Father is a bomb. 100% rotation in my sets worldwide...

DARIN EPSILON: Alex & Filip Mirabilis Dub is excellent and I will strongly consider for my sets, radio show, chart, etc.

JOAO PENA: both remixes for me. thx

MARTIN GARCIA: Original of Mother and Alex & Filip too!

ADAM ROBERTS: Ben Coda remix take the prize!

ANDI DURRANT: Downloading, thanx

FEODOR ALLRIGHT & ELENA MECHTA: Ben Coda remix is great!


STUART MILLAR: good for early doors thanks!

MARKUS SCHULZ: thanks, wull support!

YAMIL COLUCCI: Very good album, alex remix is my favourite, thanks!

ANDERSON NOISE: downlaoding thanks

JUAN DEMINICIS: Good stuff ! thanks

RODSKEEZ: Might give the original of father a go. Thanks

LOGIZTIK SOUNDS: nice ep, ill support thanks!

TONY BOVE (T-LECTUAL): Great EP, liking A&F rmx and Father orig the best

NIK FERAL: Great ep, really good groove going on. Alex & Filip is my fave

BRENDON COLLINS (SUMMER): Great release guys!

DANIEL MEHES: both of mother are really cool!

PETER MCGILL (PETER MCGILL): Really like this whole package. Ben's remix is quailty

DARKO DE JAN: Great pack


KOSMAS EPSILON: both 'fathers' are great!!

LEONARDO TOU: very strong ep

RICHIE HARTNESS: Hard hitting tech houseness

MANCHINI: Quality as always! Loving Father most!

JAY KAUFMAN: Alex and Filip's remix is followed closely by the original of Mother. Nice to hear my long-time friends in Inkfish are still at it. Ben Coda's remix is also quite good, even if it's not my sound anymore.

STEFAN BAUER (Progressiveworld.at): wow, all 4 tracks are amazing! one of the best mirabilis so far and that's quite an achievement

JOE FISHER: Both remixes are impressive

SERGIO MATINA: Great job!!

TIM BENJAMIN: Mother (Alex and Flip remix) for me, thanks!

MATT BLACK: Alex and Fillip dub is quality

PLASTICLOUNGE: Typical Mirabilis!!!Great like ever,thx for dl

SASHA LE MONNIER: Both originals sounding great, nice work from Inkfish & Glanta. Also lovely groove on the dub mix from Alex & Filip...strong pack here, thanks!

NEIL BROWNE: Another batch of great productions, Alex & Filip Dub for me will be rocking some dance floors for me. Great work all round!

WADE BENNET: great pack

VERVE: Tidy release, nice variety and solid productions. Mr Coda's mix does it for me, quality remix!

SOULWERK: Lovin your remix guys!! Thanks!!

PARAVEEN ACHARY: Great to see Glanta back, and that too with Inkfish! Gorgeous release, top form for Mirabilis. Will be supporting the Alex & Filip Dub of 'Mother' & both versions of Father.

EMMA: nice package!

MARK J: go go mirabilis!!

NEIL MOORE: Supporting!

HARDERFASTER.NET: Alex & Filip Mirabilis dub of Mother is ace.

D-PHRAG: Supporting!