Hello Afterhours fans!
Upcoming releases are important and we all need some information about the future of trance and progressive. Because of that Afterhours brings you a "New Track Reviews & Promotion" section to post the newest releases in Trance & Progressive!
Anothing important things are rules.


  1. Artist, Title and label has to be included in the thread name.
    1. Example: Eximinds - Still Remember [Macarize]

  2. Information has to be included, such as Release date, Label, Tracks etc.
  3. Samples has to be included. Samples can be embed by using the Insert Video option. It is possible to embed 2 videos in each post. If the release contains more tracks, please make a new post with additional videos or post links to the samples.
  4. Do not post single links instead of the information above. The thread will be deleted then.
  5. If any changes occurs, post a new post in the existing thread. Make sure to include a headline so people are aware of the new changes.
  6. Make sure to keep everything updated so people here know!
  7. Afterhours is a radio channel for TRANCE & PROGRESSIVE, keep it that way. Any other releases will get deleted.