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Thread: Moments EP 01 - OUT NOW [Macarize]

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    Moments EP 01 - OUT NOW [Macarize]


    Title: Moments EP 01
    Label: Macarize
    Cat #: MRIZE053

    01. Mizar B - Crazy Cosmonauts (Original Mix)
    02. Kaspar Kochker - Life Will Smile For You (Original Mix)
    03. Blend - Pick Me Up (Original Mix)
    04. Lessov - Galacticon (Original Mix)

    And now on Macarize, we’re delighted to present something completely different as we unveil our brand new Moments EP series. Dedicated to showcasing the very best in brand new Macarize talent, Macarize Moments 01 is a sonic snapshot of those producers who we hope to be bringing you a lot more of in the future.

    Kicking off Macarize Moments 01 in serious style is Polish producer Mizar B with his track ‘Crazy Cosmonauts’. Instantly, irrepressibly uplifting with its shimmering heatwaves of summery melodies and rich, deep bassline that soaks you in sun, ‘Crazy Cosmonauts’ represents feel-good progressive house at its finest.

    Next on the hit list is Kaspar Kochker’s ‘Life Will Smile For You’, a dynamic dancefloor powerhouse that will set your pulse racing with its dramatic synths, driving drums and epically euphoric build-ups.

    Blend’s ‘Pick Me Up’, meanwhile, will do just that with its effortlessly effervescent energy that sweeps you along in a soaringly uplifting whirlwind of stunning staccato synths, lush pads and bewitchingly beautiful melodies.

    Last but most definitely not least is Lessov’s ‘Galacticon’, which truly is out of this world, taking you on an out of body journey through space and time with its spaced out stabs, old-skool 80s-style synths and relentlessly hypnotic rhythms.

    Welcome to the world of Macarize Moments.
    Kristoffer Ljungberg | Macarize (Label Manager / A&R)

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